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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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weekend results- dirty dog 10k trail run

Three SSSMST members braved the icy trails of Cortland, OH, for the Dirty Dog 10k trail run on Saturday. Aaron Rood’s promise of homemade breakfast to warm up after the race was enough to entice Scott Zubricky and Brandy Smith out in the cold. Aaron finished 4th overall, and Scott finished 6th. Brandy took 7th in the women’s field. TeamPR has some photos of all three racers on their website.


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  1. I forgot to give my number to the officials after I crossed the finish line, so my time is a bit slow (maybe 30-60 seconds?). Not that it changes much, but it makes me feel better for you all to know that. 🙂 I also didn’t have any team gear on – sorry about that.

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