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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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spin/second sole introduces themselves to five seasons

The brave soulsThe Spin/Second Sole team held a treadmill time trial on the cushy treadmills at Five Seasons Sports Club on Tuesday night. The format was simple: Two guys form a team, and each runs as far as he can in 25 minutes; longest distance wins. With nine of the ten suckers participants in attendance, and one participating from Cancun, the show got underway around 6:45. The cardio room was soon filled with the pounding of feet as heart rates and room temperature raced toward 200.

When all was said and done, it seemed none of the victims athletes were at all the worse for wear, as congratulations were handed out and beers were drawn. Camaraderie ensued.Timmy Smiles, still smiling at 24:30

Hearty congratulations go to Aaron Rood (also playing the role of dungeonmaster), Joe Bush, John Willse, Tim Walsh, Andy Cornwell, Nacho Davila, Brian Stern, Paul Lentini, and Kevin Krol for conquering the coward within.

We anxiously await results from the one remaining glutton competitor, who is currently drinking relaxing in Cancun. Once he completes his 25 minutes, we’ll post results.

See more photos here.



  1. Lamastra/Krol: 8.05 miles
  2. Rood/Bush: 7.72 miles
  3. Cornwell/Nacho: 7.69 miles
  4. Stern/Lentini: 7.60 miles
  5. Willse/Walsh: 7.44 miles

Also, I just wanted to mention the paces of our top runners, because it’s just impressive:

  • Aaron Rood- 5:45/mile
  • Brian Stern- 5:48/mile
  • Jim Lamastra- 5:55/mile

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