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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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weekend results: st. malachi 5 mile run

The CrewThe Spin/Second Sole Multisport Team toed the line on Saturday at the 28th Annual St. Malachi Day 5-Mile Run. Six SSSMST members showed up for what turned out to be a very pleasant morning. Although it was very foggy and cold before the start, the clouds burned off before the gun went off, leading to a surprisingly warm race. Anthony “Nacho” Davila, our hyper-warm blooded teammate, had to be persuaded to ditch three of his five layers– including a fleece– before the start. He later reported that this was a good decision.

With over 1000 entries, this year’s Malachi race was a huge event. As it always does, it marked the coming-out for Cleveland’s top road racers, too. Jim Lamastra led our crew with a time of 29:07, earning him fifteenth overall and 2nd in his age group. Marty Mason finished 27th overall and 4th in his age group, and then followed that performance by procuring three free coffees. Very impressive.New Mascot

Andy Cornwell and Anthony Davila spent the race in sight of one another, finishing 13th and 18th in age group. Tim Walsh furthered his battle to break the 7:00 pace barrier, running 7:03’s and finishing in the top 25% of his age group. Brandy Smith returned from business travel all week to pull off her second-fastest 5-mile time ever, at 39:35, good for 13th in her AG.

Nice job everyone! Special thanks go to Aaron, Jocelyn, and Jackson Rood for the cheering support and willingness to hang out and act cute without fussing at all during the post-race party.

See all the sssmst St. Malachi photos here.


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