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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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weekend results: papa john’s 10-miler

Scott Zubricky made the drive down to Louisville, KY for the Papa John’s 10-miler this weekend, setting a PR and nailing a 5-mile split that was within seconds of his final 6:13 pace.

Also this weekend, Jim Lamastra and Mary Davis ran a local 5k, braving brutal winds here in Cleveland at the Bridges to Recovery 5k.

In Louisville, Scott really tore up the course. His time of 1:02 was the 46th best of all 6000 competitors, and earned him 3rd of 375 in his age group. Coming only 3 days after the loss of his father here in Cleveland, this is an eye-popping feat. SSSMST wishes Scott congratulations on his race and continues to send condolences for his loss.

And this, from Jim:

Mary Davis and I did Bridges to Recovery 5k run yesterday and did all right. She was third in her age group and I won overall. It was pretty fun and for a great cause. The Covenant House is a teenage chemical dependency clinic that has a very high success rate. They had good food and drinks after (no beer of course!) and the sun was out. It was well run, started on time and they did awards fairly quickly.

Anyway, the wind was crazy bad on both bridges but the worst was downtown running on Huron. My last mile was 5:09 compared to the first two around 6:10 pace. That last mile was wind aided and downhill obviously. As for Mary, she looked more like Nacho in that she wore about 12 layers (including the old winter spin riding jacket on top!). When I was done, I ran back to see how she was doing and she surprisingly complained about how hot she was! Go figure. Anyway, she ran strong and finished third in the female under 14 age group!!!


2 Responses

  1. Jim! At least I was warm afterward in my (two) layers while you were shivering in your shorts!! Seriously, nice job though!

  2. great job Mary and Jim!

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