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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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weekend results– kinetic half ironman (and a few local races, too!)

New Spin/Second Sole Multisport team member Rob Reddy tackled the Kinetic Half Ironman in Lake Anna, VA this weekend. The Kinetic is one of the great early-season races, and Rob smoked it despite fate fighting against him. He wrote a great “good day/bad day” race report, but no one can argue with a 4:50 half-distance race in April. Read on for Rob’s full report!

Tim Walsh also took on a half-marathon this weekend, at NCN’s Sandy Ridge Half Marathon. Tim’s obviously dropping his running times this year in preparation for his first Ironman. He sent a nice report, as well.

From Rob:

Here is my race report from Kinetic HIM in Lake Anna VA – 2nd Age Group, and 22nd Overall

“Kinetic HIM RR – 18 UGHs & 4 YEAHs”

Not really in my time but more so in the adventure….

Well was supposed to leave thursday afternoon – but work got in the
way and I HAD to go to work friday – UGH #1 – so I did not leave until
about 5 p.m. Friday

Long drive of about 7 1/2 hours – UGH #2

Went to have dinner at 11:03 p.m. at KFC – UGH #3

Closed at 11 – UGH #4

Went to Wendy’s – UGH #5

Ordered and got the slowest service on the planet – UGH #6

Sat at the pick up window for 10 min to then be told that they ran out
of chicken and I could get back in line to re-order – UGH #7 + some

Dinner was chips and crackers – UGH #8

Got about 5 hours sleep – UGH #9

Got directions to race site from woman at hotel front desk and
promptly got lost – UGH #10

Finally made it to race site at 7:18 for a 8:00 race start – UGH #11

Water was not as cold as expected – YEAH #1

Swim was 2 loops – went fine for a first open water swim of the year –

T1 – over and done – got on the bike and promptly dropped my chain –
UGH #12

Rode 56 never ending rolling miles – first 25 or so the legs hurt bad –
UGH #13 Wind picked up over the course of the ride but nothing too
horrible. The scenery was very nice – some where along the way I got
an overtaking penalty – guess i did not pass fast enough – UGH #14

T2 – was going well till I tried to get the garmin to link up –
actually had to stand around for what seemed like 5 min (probably more
like 60-70 seconds) waiting for the watch to link – UGH #15

Out of T2 the run went up hill at a pretty good slope for about .8
miles – this was tough and since the run course was 3 loops you had to
do that stretch again and again – that hurt. Like the bike the run was
a series of moderate rollers – nothing horrible but no long flat
stretches. Rane fine through 6.55 miles. Started to hurt and had to
focus more. By about mile 10 I was hurtin more and the last few miles
fell off pace – UGH #16.

Came down the finish shoot and hit 4:50 YEAH #3 later found out the
penalty so the official time was at 4:54.

Very happy with that effort for the start of the season.

Felt good and sick for about 2 hours – UGH #17

Got back in the car and drove 8 hours home – feeling pretty sore the
entire way – UGH #18

All in all a great race – YEAH #4

And this, from Tim:

Sunday, April 20th, was the Sandy Ridge running race put on by NCN. It started and ended at Lorain Community College with both a 10k and 1/2 marathon offered. Although specific numbers weren’t available, it looked to be about 200 runners. While I was the only SSSMST member at this race I wasn’t the only Walsh, with both my brothers and my brothers-in-law in the field, and ‘pops’ Walsh there watching. I tackled the 1/2 mary.

The conditions were great: no wind, mild drizzle, temp about 55 degrees. The course was flat throughout with a mile or two winding through the Sandy Ridge Park, which offered wetlands and a crushed limestone path to ease the pain! While it had all the makings of a PR race, I kept it a bit dialed down, choosing to use it as a training run for the Cinci Marathon in two weeks. Having said that, I was still able to pull down 2nd in my age group, but sadly, last in the family. Overall a perfect early season, inexpensive, well organized race. Recommended!

3 Responses

  1. Reddy- that is funny.. nice job holding it together– I would have imploded!!

  2. Rob-
    Ahh the trials and tribulations of solo travel/race …dude the drive home would have had me pulled over crying! Amazing!

    Tim-You KNOW you’re going to have an awesome season!

  3. Tim – Great run Sunday. While you didn’t PR, you helped me PR and I appreciate the efforts. Good luck at the flying pig!

    Reddy – Stop drafting 🙂

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