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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Maumee Bay Triathlon Results

Nacho's ready Holy cow…  with twelve Spin/Second Sole team members taking top spots at Maumee, we certainly raised some eyebrows and had a great day.  Jenn, Kevin, Rob, Brian, and Tim all did the Olympic Tri.  Andy, Paul, Mike, Annie and Bruce did the Sprint Tri.  Brandy and Nacho raced the Olympic Duathlon, and Scott did the Sprint Du.  All told, we took 3 division first-places, 3 second-places, 3 third-places.  Fantastic results all around.

Check the results page for… you know, results.  Check the team’s Flickr site for photos– search for the “Maumee” tag!

I hope people will post stories and experiences in the comments!

As always, SSSMST thanks HFP Racing for an incredible event.  These guys are real pros and their races never fail to impress.

edit:  Sorry Jenn!


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  1. NACHO– nice unie— I bet it made you run faster

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