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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results from Race 2 of the Spin Cup– Beast Deux: Marginal Road

Tammy points out the crappy road to Bruce at the turnaround

Tammy points out the crappy road to Bruce at the turnaround

The second Beast Time Trial was held on North Marginal Rd. on Wednesday night– and nearly everyone came away with all their fillings intact. The rain had left, but the leftover northwest wind still made for an extra-miserable ride after the turnaround.

First, we have to thank Mary Davis, Tammy Lentini, and Brian Linkemann (and his family!) for helping everything run smoothly. Thanks for coming down!

Twenty riders– seven from SSSMST, 11 from Team Spin/RR Donnelly, and two friends– got airborne and bruised up on the 5.5 mile course. The ride out to Turnaround Tammy was deceptively easy, but after she pointed everyone back to the start line, things started to get ugly.

Plank the Grumpy Belgian took the individual honors, with a blazing time of 12:12. Only a single second behind him was Zak Dieringer. These two dudes averaged 27.05 and 27.01 mph, respectively, and secured the team victory for Spin/RR Donnelly. Andy Cornwell was third overall, edging out Tom Humphrey and Brad Beeson, who rounded out the top five.

The HTFU award goes to Ryan Williams, who puked. Excellent work.

Congrats to everyone for coming out and pushing themselves in a pretty terrible discipline. See all the pictures on the SSSMST Flickr Site.  Got comments?  Want to talk smack?  Go for it.

Full results:


Place Name Team min sec Ave. Speed
1 Plank Spin 12 12 27.05
2 Zak Spin 12 13 27.01
3 Andy SSSMST 12 22 26.68
4 Tom Spin 12 30 26.40
5 Brad Spin 12 33 26.29
6 Bruce SSSMST 12 36 26.19
7 Rood SSSMST 12 40 26.05
8 Jason Spin 12 45 25.88
9 Joe Bush SSSMST 12 45 25.88
10 Davis Spin 12 47 25.81
11 Paul SSSMST 12 52 25.65
12 Chip Spin 13 5 25.22
13 Timmy Smiles SSSMST 13 7 25.16
14 Ryan Spin 13 27 24.54
15 Eldridge Spin 13 34 24.32
16 Matt Spin 13 44 24.03
17 Ray Spin 13 54 23.74
18 Leah   14 25 22.89
19 Sean SSSMST 14 33 22.68
20 Russ   15 26 21.38

4 Responses

  1. Well done! It looks like the weather worked out (at least for good pictures!).

  2. John beat me by 5 seconds!!! I want a recount. I think Mary “Tim Donaghy” Davis had something to do with it.

  3. Hey Davis,
    Were you keeping track of your power output on this ride? I have never measured this before. I figured I would just take your and multiply it by 20%…….because I crushed you. Dr Hump, no comments.

  4. BMac, I punished you like a double A-expansion team! You and your aero bars and aero bike and wheels and me on my three speed Schwinn. But you’re the only rider there with a cap to put back on his beer before he rode. Well done!

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