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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Findley Lake Tri and East Fork Du Results

Jim, Mary, and Rob weren’t the only ones racing this weekend. SSSMST was also at two local races– East Fork and Findley Lake.

Brandy Smith made the trek to Cincinnati for East Fork, coming in 3rd overall in the Olympic race and scoring her 4th PR for the season! Brandy is competing in the Wheelie Fun series this summer, where she currently leads the five other women in the Olympic Duathlon category by 170 points.

Paul Lentini was first in his age group at Findley Lake, and 8th overall. This race features a nice trail run, which is a good change of pace at this point in the season. Anne Callahan and Mike Schaefer also raced– I’ll update the results with their times as soon as I get them.


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