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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Versus wants your feedback

Versus is running a survey about their Tour de France coverage.  The poll is quite hidden on versus.com, but here’s the link so you can provide your feedback about the race coverage.  Let’s all take five minutes and help Versus improve their TdF coverage.  Just click on the image to get started.



6 Responses

  1. ok i filled out the survay – but it kinda seemed dumb and pointless

  2. Not if you’re trying to decide how to market the Tour on your sports network, it’s not.

  3. Looks like they are trying to decide if they should go with the American-centric angle, or if they are going to market more of the global talent. I hope they choose the latter, although with Lance back in this year that will be hard to do.

    As long as they cover the team aspect better ill be happy.

  4. the chances that any responses to this survey are even looked at are pretty slim. I’ve tried contacting them numerous times about their overall cycling scheduling issues (advert one week was for a certain time slot the next weekend, and they end up changing the time of the cycling coverage, so if course you miss what you waited all week to watch) – have never received even a thank you for submitting a comment. How they ever expect to build an audience that way is beyond me, but I have to assume that their advertising revenue is even lower than bull riding (based on the amount of exposure), so they probably don’t waste a lot of energy trying to please us.

    Best coverage you can find is streaming audio (sometimes video) on eurosport.

  5. Yeah, it’s for sure a niche. I’m always kind of put off by the American-centric coverage, and the survey did seem to just reinforce that. 😦

    If you like the eurosport coverage, Cycling.tv has full video streams of *every* race, too. And, you can listen to them in any language. So if Bettini is going to win, you switch over to the Italians to hear them go bezerk!

  6. I filled out the survey in order to promote the coverage of the sport as a world class european event. I wish they”d leave Al T. behind for both Kona and TdF…but i didn’t see that question….did you?

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