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Spin / Second Sole is thrilled to introduce Rob Thompson and Leah Halloran

Leah Halloran and Rob Thompson

Leah Halloran and Rob Thompson

The Spin/Second Sole Multisport Team is thrilled to introduce two new members to our 2009 roster. We are proud to say that Leah Halloran and Rob Thompson, both from Lakewood, will be sporting our blue and green racing kit this summer. Both of them are excellent athletes and even better people, and we couldn’t be happier to announce their addition to our roster.

Click through to read more about Leah and Rob, and to see a video that rather characterizes their gregarious spirits!

Leah is from Denver, Colorado. She moved to Cleveland after a successful collegiate track and cross-country career at Baylor. She and her husband, Jason, are both avid (and very good) cyclists and skiers. Leah enjoys long walks on the beach, and quiet evenings at home with Jason and their two dogs. We are working on getting Leah to open up a bit, as she tends to be a little quiet around others.

Rob was born in Sydney, Australia, which is a whole other country. This explains his outrageous accent. Like most Australians, he loves being outside and being active, which led him to explore cycling and then triathlon after he moved to Cleveland in 2002. Also like most Australians, he loves to drink beer. He and his wife, Joan, have two cute kids who are destined to be as funny and enjoyable as their parents.

Recently, Rob and Leah were captured on video in a situation that should make it obvious why they were top choices for inclusion in this year’s SSSMST. They rode their bikes here, and then did this. I think the video explains itself.

Most of the 2008 team returns intact after a very successful season. We crossed over 300 finish lines, taking podium finishes more than 30 times. We raced in 10 states, in 5 different national or world championship events, and completed 5 Ironman triathlons. We are disappointed to lose Mary Davis and Lauren Trocchio, whom we hope will reconsider their decisions next year.


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