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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Some good news for Cleveland’s bike commuters

Not really related to triathlon, I know, but the more cycling-friendly Cleveland becomes, the more fun it will be to ride here! From Green City Blue Lake, see this article on Cleveland’s plans for a Bike Station in Downtown… here’s an excerpt:

This innovative bike station features indoor parking for 300 bicycles, shower facilities, a supply and repair shop, as well as playing host to a rental and tour business. The endeavor has been very successful in Chicago and our group learned a lot about how the facility was designed and operates.

Why were we there? Because the City of Cleveland will be building its first bike station downtown later this year in one of the Gateway garages.

It’s important that cyclists of all types stay abreast of these developments, and not let important cycling-based infrastructure improvements slip through the cracks!


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