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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Dirty Dog 10k

Rob, Scott, Aaron, Bruce

Rob, Scott, Aaron, Bruce

Every year, Aaron Rood sends an open invite to join him at a race near his hometown– the Dirty Dog 10k Trail Run in Cortland.

The plan is this:  after stumbling through six miles of mud and snow, anyone who attends is invited to a lavish breakfast feast at the Rood Homestead in West Mecca.  This ensures a nice rate of participation, and also makes sure there’s no chance of anyone losing weight or gaining any health benefit from actually participating in the 10k beforehand.

This year, Aaron was joined by Rob Reddy, Bruce MacDonald, and the ubiquitous Scott Zubricky.  Results are forthcoming, I’m sure, but Bruce filed an early race report.

UPDATE:  Now with pictures of breakfast!

UPDATE 2:  Now with hilarious reports from Rob and Aaron!

Here’s from Bruce:

Rob, Aaron, Scott and I got up early on Saturday to take Aarons challenge and do the Dirty Dog. This race was tough, running on either snow packed trails, or just plain snow. We had one section about halfway through the race where we ran about a mile on the side of the road in snow that was over a foot deep. The premier event of the day was the post race meal at the Rood’s. Aaron’s dad went all out, feeding a big group of Cleveland racers.

And this tidbit from Scott:

Great morning for a race. Nice turnout and an even better breakfast. You guys don’t know what you’re missing.

Here’s Rob’s.  You can hear the excitement in his voice!

Got up and thought “GD it is early and cold”

Went the the BP – got a BIG diet coke and sticky bun – ummmmmmmmm

Met Bruce, Z, Aaron – some other people i did’nt know but they looked nice – thought “GD it is early and cold”

Got to the race site and thought – “GD its early, cold, icy, and wondered, are we in West Virgina – I mean the idea of running in the woods gave me flash of Deliverance in my mind.  Started to think that I might get captured by some wilderness man and made to be his wife – I mean I was running in tights i bet I looked pretty yummy to some dude who has been hunkered down in his hut for the winter with nothing but a few old Maxium Mags and the bundie roll of TP.”

Started running and thought – “humm this is not so bad snow is packed down great – I LOVE the dirty dog trail run”

Made the first left turn and 3 min later thought – “GD where did the nice packed trail go, gggrrrrrrr its early, cold and icy”

15 min later throught – “GD when in the hell are we gonna get back on some packed trail”

20 min later – light swearing starts

25 min later thought – “OMG did I hear Mr Deliverance in the woods commin to get me?!?!?! Please god I don’t want to be anyone’s bee-och”

35 min later – heavy swearing starts

40 min later thought – who in the hell thought this was a good idea and what fool decided we should run through 24 inches of loose snow”

45 min later – running across the front field of a church – “loud swearing – enough to make a sailor blush – wondering/hoping god would strike me dead with lightning now because it would end this race sooner.”

50 min later  I’m yelling – “You-Hoooo Mr Deliverance – there is a nice, fresh young man (lie) running in the woods who would like to be your wife – if you will just get me out of this race”

59 min later – crossed the finish line – people ask, so how you like the race – BIG LIES as I say it was great, loved it, really not all that hard, not so cold, can’t wait to do it again next year.

70 min later – Wink and wave good by to Mr. Deliverance.  Flash my lilly white ass at him as we drive away – just to give him something to think about when he is back home in his hut with the mags and TP.

90 min late – eating a lot at Rood’s – ummmmmmmmm

Aaron’s is more simple, but may get the point across better… you decide:

At about 30 minutes into the dirty dog— we’d just finished about an 8 minute steady climb in foot deep snow. Heart Rate is redline— Z will tell you walked  he 3 times during it.  The next section is slalom across the Church property – around the crucifix, behind the Mary Shrine, past the “go and serve the lord sign”.  Somewhere in there I had given up.  Bruce Passes me— all words exchanged: “I f-ing hate you right now”

There ends my race report

Check back for more results…

Check out the volume of food on Scott's plate!


2 Responses

  1. haha outstanding!

    I promise ill HTFU and do this next year. Although im sure ill appear marshmellow soft next to Z

  2. Like I said you don’t know what your missing!

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