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Spin Cup Race One: Results from Ray’s MTB



The Spin Cup is a competition held every year among the Spin-Second Sole Multisport Team and the Spin-RR Donnelly Cycling Team. It’s a series of silly time trials on bikes, and winning the overall takes a combination of perseverance, excellent all-around bike skills, and blazing speed.

Last night kicked off the 2009 competition, with a time trial at Ray’s MTB. We started and finished in the beginner room, and the course was a real leg burner. We did a loop in the beginner room followed by a lap of the X-C Course, and we did it three times. It took around five minutes, but felt like an hour. Results below!

Greg Jackson crushed us, frankly, with a time of 4:27. Little Ray was next, at 4:50. He scrubbed 15 seconds off his first effort, where he accidentally t-boned a kid on the course. Sorry ’bout that, dude. Andy was third, at 4:54.

Condolences and pain killers go to Outback Rob Thompson, who washed out in a corner and had a suspicious little bump on his shoulder. I’ll post an update when he gets his x-ray.

Pat on the back to Aaron Rood for trying Ray’s for the first time. He learned some new stuff and claimed to have a great time.

Band-aid and three cheers for Bruce, who shuttled Rob home after his own little tumble.

Testosterone shots for Cristina, the only woman who showed. She earned a gorgeous white bike computer from Sigma for her new BMC. Thanks, Sigma!

Greg Jackson- 4:27, 20 Spin Cup Points
Little Ray- 4:50, 19
Andy Cornwell- 4:54, 18
Jason Halloran- 5:02, 17
Brad Beeson- 5:07, 16
Outback Rob- 5:09, 15
Derek Wolford- 5:20, 14
Cristina- 5:20, 13
Aaron Rood- 5:37, 12
Bruce Mac- DNF, 11


6 Responses

  1. I guess the defending champ doesn’t feel so hot about his chances this year.

  2. You mean I would have garnered points for showing up and falling down? Why didn’t someone tell me?

  3. GO TEAM SPIN!!!!

  4. only get points if you draw blood

  5. In fairness, Bruce is *really good* at falling down. He should get some points for that.

  6. Bruce’s leg looked like someone had tried to sever it with a guitar string, absolutely worthy of the points.

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