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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Off Roadin’!

We had guys at two off-road races this weekend– The Oberlin Cross Country and the Emerald Crossings Trail Run.

Scott Zubricky and Aaron Rood rode the 30 miles down to Oberlin College for the Cross Country race, where they feature $100 to the top finishers. The boys finished 4th and 5th overall– which probably paid for their gas money.

Marty Mason and Jim Lamastra did the Emerald Crossings Trail Run, which was lengthened this year to a four-miler from last year’s 5k. Jim and Marty both finished first in their AG, and Marty was 3rd overall. From Swim Jim: “This race was fun but not very fun. It hurt my lungs a great deal and that was without the biggest hill that was there last year. Cool location. We need more off road races.”


4 Responses

  1. I suggest Findley lake tri for the off-road run but still on-road bike..! Nice job guys..

  2. I was there two, I finish third on my age group!!

  3. I was there too, I finish 3rd in my age group!!

  4. I’m his witness. Nacho was their two. Woops! I mean he was there too.

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