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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Deer Creek duathlon; Kelley’s Island 5k

On Sunday, June 7, Scott Zubricky continued his duathlon season with the olympic race in Deer Creek.  He says:

Time was 2:18:45. 5 overall,1 age group. As usual I had to run everyone down on the second run. Nice early season race.

Way to go Scott!!! 

On Sunday June 14, Tim Walsh ran the Kelley’s Island 5k with his brother-in-law.  He had this to say:

Great race to push around your niece and nephew while pacing your exercised deprived brother-in-law. Really a fun Sunday. I need some teammates out there with me next year; cycle out, ferry across, race, then beach & pubs.

Next year we’ll need more people out to join him!  (kids and stroller optional)

kellys island


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