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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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SSSMST likes to run

It’s about time for a catch up post… or two or three.  We’ve been racing! 

Over the past month, the team has participated in many running races, from local 5 and 10ks to half marathons.   A load of reports follow…

Andrea LaMastra, Sprint into Spring 5k:

I had a great mother’s day running with Luca again although his chubby cheeks are getting hard to push. Jim and Aaron had great races and Jocelyn makes running with a baby stroller look like a breeze. I on the other hand look and sound like I’m going to have an asthma attack at any moment even though I don’t have asthma!!! I’m going to have to put Luca on a diet if we are going to continue racing together!

Rob Reddy, Pittsburg half marathon:

Ran, ran and ran some more. Felt great, felt good, felt ok, felt crappy, felt like I wanted to die

This race was WAY better than Cleveland Marathon – and then we ate Permanties!!!

Rite Aid Cleveland marathon/ half marathon/ 10k:

Paul Lentini, 10k PR!:

The only reason this is a PR is because I can’t remember having run a 10K. Leave it to Cleveland to have a head wind both ways on the marginal!

Brian Stern, 10k, 1st Master 40+!:

I was there, ran, and got lucky enough to win the Masters money for a second year in a row. New course was interesting with the looping finish hill.

Rob Thompson, half marathon, PR!!:

This was my first attempt at a standalone half mary, and I managed to get a spot in the half before it sold out. Trained through the race so was a little tired going in but thought, “screw it, it’ll be good to get a time”. I forgot how much running races can hurt! No swim or bike to warm up sucks! Everything went well enough, although by mile 11 i was wishing it to be over. Quite happy with my time given the circumstances and it being my longest run of the year so far. Fun race, lots of familiar people from all over the community. Good atmosphere….will do it again.

Props to Timmy Walsh for being at the finish line with a bag full of PBR. Good man!

Jim LaMastra and Aaron Rood, marathon pacers:

Aaron and I paced the 3:10 group that morning and for the first time ever, actually got it right! We split 1:35’s on each side and made a few people happy. Prior to the start the race announcer said a few words about sssmst and the gun sounded. As always this is the most fun way Aaron and I have been able to “sacrifice” and give back to the racing community.

Bruce MacDonald, Blossom Time Run, Chagrin Falls 5.25 miles:

Met at Rood’s house at 5:45 am for a 30 mile bike ride to the race..it’s all up hill. Got to th race with plenty of time to relax. The race stated, first couple of miles is all up hill. Nice run back to town, with another uphill at the 4 mile mark, and another nice down hill to the finish. Thought I could go under 35 minutes, but died in the last 100 yards. Drank a beer with Rood in the parking lot. Rode home. My legs hurt.

Jim LaMastra, Buffalo half marathon:

I was planning on running the marathon but changed last minute basically because running another marathon this time of year would be dumb. The race was supposed to be flat but the 5 or so bridges absolutely killed me. I didn’t light it up out there that day but I was very happy with my splits which ended up being within 7 seconds of each other. Not a lot of high end speed but my running endurance is ok. Either way, I love racing in my home town!

Andrea LaMastra, Buffalo half marathon relay:

I was a last minute fill in for one of Jim’s family’s friend who hurt her hip. They were running the relay for cancer charity. Their neighbors lost there 5 year old daughter to cancer so they were determined to finish the race. I hurt my back about a week ago(I think from lifting luca) so it was the first time I had run since then so I was a bit slow. Jim ran the 1/2 marathon and then ran the next 10k with me as a cool down. It was nice to be able to run with him, and for a good cause, even if it wasn’t a great time on my part. Jim’s dad also ran the 1/2 marathon in 1:46 at 70 years old. He won his age group by 27 minutes!!!! Jim’s got good genes!

Brandy Smith, Bob Semer 10k, Fremont, OH:

I went back to my hometown to be running support for my sister as she ran her first 10k. She was nervous before hand because she “only” ran a handful of 5.5-5.9 mile runs, but I assured her that she would be just fine. The race was very low-key, which meant that there was no one to tell us our splits at each mile marker. Of course, I didn’t wear a watch, either.

I talked to her through the whole race, and she even responded a bit. It was a beautiful sunny day and we crossed the finish line in just over an hour. My sister was really hoping to get in under an hour, but I just told her that this means she has to do another one, and she now has a conservative time to beat.

We had a great time together and I look forward to running with her more in the future!!!

And last but not least… the Around the Corner Crab Race, a 3 feet race for white shelled crabs.  Commentary by Rob Thomposon (crab name: Spin):

From the beginning I had doubts that my crab would represent well. He showed real promise in the bucket upon selection, but after failing to qualify in the first three preliminary heats, i began to think he had burned too many matches merely getting selected to race.

With expectations dropping after each unsuccessful attempt to make the line, the 4th prelim began. Out of the gates early was number 3, while “Spin” seemed content to do laps around the inner lane. We remarked how he seemed much more adept at track than at cross-country, although seconds after these words were spoken Spin broke from his lane and made a dash for the perimeter. We suspect that he was merely sandbagging for show, although in a post race interview he remained tight lipped as he entered the winners bucket.

Revitalised by the surprising late performance, expectations were high as the final was set. Discussion was centered around whether Spin’s competitors were short course athletes, or if they specialized in long course. For a hermit crab, 3 feet is a long way, and we feared that perhaps the late qualification did not leave him enough recovery time before the final. Comparisons were drawn and it was decided that if Phelps were able to handle it at the Olympics, Spin was in with a chance.

The salad bowl was lifted and although Spin broke early looking to gap his competitors and put some wind between himself and the rest of the peleton, it proved futile as another much larger crab marked him before sling-shotting around to take the lead. Pressure of the capacity crowd though intimidated the new leader and Spin managed to jump onto his back leg and avoided being dropped. It was a close race until from way outside a sprinter emerged to take the lead. The rest of the crabs tried to cover his move but it was in vain…..he sprinted away in the last few centimetres to take the win and the coveted purse. Spin, clearly fatigued from the earlier effort faded to 4th place, and was bitterly disappointed about missing the podium.

 Whew!  That takes care of the end of May… definitely more to come!!!


3 Responses

  1. the only question i have is – did you boil and eat “Spin” after the race – how’d he taste? Bit of Old Bay on his looser legs???

  2. He tasted like disappointment and failure!

  3. bitter man – completely and totally bitter

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