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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Maumee Bay Tri/Du!!

3657011288_9e0928418cLast Sunday was the Maumee Bay Triathlon and Duathlon organized by HFP Racing.  Most of SSSMST was there, either watching or racing.  Pictures of the team are on the flickr site, and many race reports follow.  But first, the racers:

Sprint Triathlon: Jenn Davila (2AG), Michael Schaefer (1AG), Paul Lentini (1 XL2)

Sprint Duathlon: Leah Halloran (1 OA!!), Anthony Davila (1AG), John Willse (2 OA!!)

Olympic Triathlon: Marty Mason (3 Elite Master), Rob Thompson (1AG), Kevin Krol, Joe Bush

Olympic Duathlon: Aaron Rood (2OA!!)

Spectating (because that’s work, too!): Brandy Smith, Annie Callahan and Jane, Tammi Lentini with Moose and Bear, Lauren Kemp, Sean Burke with Wendy and Demi

Race accounts from some of the team members…

Kevin Krol:

Camped out the night before with Marty, which is always a good time. Had no expectations going in as I have been sick for the last two weeks (or two months). Somehow managed to pull a time outta my ass that is consistant with the last couple of years at this race. Going to the doctor’s office today….again!

Rob Thompson:

Having hurt myself and not testing to see if i was healthy enough to race kept my expectations low for Maumee. Went mostly for the camaraderie as most of the team were attending. Chances of a DNF were high, but race day is always fun. Drove up with Leah – she drives fast!

Swam well (for me), passed some people with full aero gear on the bike (always fun) and spent some time going back and forth with Marty who looked cool and composed. Leg started to ache about mile 20 so backed it down a little thinking it might be the beginning of the end. Got a little misdirection from a volunteer at T2 but no big deal, and headed out on the run just to see what would happen. Leg ached, but not too bad, and passed Marty around mile 1 wondering if it would stick. It didn’t and Marty passed me back about mile 4. Saw Aaron on the run chasing down the leader of the Du race; he asked me how far back he was and i yelled something akin to how my 2 year old daughter might answer. Suffice to say it wasn’t helpful.

Tried to stay with Marty but i couldn’t, and my leg started pinging around mile 5, so i again backed it down a touch and focused on my form hoping i wouldn’t have to walk it in. Managed to get through okay though and finished in 2:08 (7:27 PR!), won my AG, and got 16th OA. All things considered I’m pretty happy. Although my leg hurts today and i have some sweet blisters….it was worth it 🙂

Congrats to everyone racing, was cool to see so many team members with hardware at the end of the day.

 Marty Mason:

Aussie Rob and I played cat and mouse the whole race. I saw him on the second lap of the swim. Back and forth on the bike and ,again, back and forth on the run. What a beautiful day and a lot of fun to really race.

Mike Schaefer:

Congrats to everyone for their strong races! FYI time for T2 was lumped into the run times. I sufferred in the swim with a stiff neck, only able to breathe on the left (my weak side..). I have resolved to start making at least one Liquid Lifestyles workout per week, and gotta get in more open-water time.. Also Felt slow on the bike which turned out OK time-wise. The only real bright spot was the run, thanks to Bill and Second sole — Really enjoying my new Nike Lunar Racer flats !!!! They really feel light and cushioned! Just missed top 10 goal by 1 second from a guy in the younger age group.
Also just 40 sec off PR despite feeling generally flat.

Leah Halloran:

I really enjoyed the race… good weather….teammates everywhere! Thank you so much to everyone who came and supported. We truly value your encouragement.
Here’s a little summary of how my race went….
I didn’t start on such a positive note. I was filling my tires and broke off the valve. After much thought and discussion, I decided not to change my tube and just risk it. So, I go warm up and feel awful. Not so good. The race starts and I end up running the first mile way faster than I wanted to. I tried not to freak out and just maintain a good pace. The bike went well. Hated the long stretch into the wind. I’m just not that strong! Going into transition, I almost ate it as I was getting off the bike. Began the second run and felt way better than I thought. Overall, I think our team had a great day!

Yes, the team definitely had a great day!!  Lots of fun – the most important part!

Swim?  We don't need no stinkin' swim.

Swim? We don't need no stinkin' swim.


4 Responses

  1. aussie – just wanted to say, your PRs are so impressive! Well done. 🙂

  2. Nice job team!

  3. Cheers brandy, still a ways to go and a lot to learn though before the older guys like Marty stop kicking my arse! Age and treachery appear to be difficult factors to overcome 😉

  4. Nice job to all. Wish we could have been there for the weekend.

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