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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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A forgotten race…

Straight from the mouth of Rob Reddy:

Some may not have known it, but at the Cleve Marathon and 1/2 Mary there was an additional race – the Cleve 16.2 mile run. It did not get the hype of the other two races for some unknown reason.

So here is how the whole thing went down!!

Liz and I got to the start area just a couple minutes before the gun went off. We 16.2 mile racers were a little late getting to the event – had to stop on the way for coffee and brownies – pre race food of champions. Then we were being kinda cheap and looked for the discount rate parking. Finally we had to wait for a friend (Nicole) who was doing the 1/2 Mary and she was wasting time putting on her ear rings and make-up.  (But I do have to say she looked quite cute once she got dressed up.)

So we are standing around and it is FREEZING – and this is really pissing me off cause I’m looking to PR this 16.2 mo fo. Finally the gun goes off and we start to run. About 1 mile in the coffee and brownie hit me like a hammer – so we stopped at the porta potty. I’m not too worried because I was running like the wind that first 0.8 mile and know even with the bathroom break I’ve got a great chance to hit my goals.

After ‘doin my business’ we are back on course – running smoothly and enjoying the sites. Well for some folks it must have started to get a bit warmer because once we start running up the Detroit bridge (think that was the bridge) I start seeing all sorts of clothes (hats, gloves, shirts) thrown on the ground. At first I was a bit bothered by the litter but then I thought “hell a whole bunch of homeless people are going to get to pick up some nice running gear later this morning – guess we athletes are doing our part to help the less fortunate – and the added bonus is that the street people of Cleveland will be sportin some fine looking clothes for the next month” – so big props to all the runners who left their clothes strewn in the streets of Cleveland – we are givers not takers fo sho.

So I kept running and it was fun. Saw a whole bunch of CTC peeps along the course. But after a while I started to think that not only could I PR this 16.2 mile leg breaker – but maybe I could win the whole thing. So I got my game face on.

Comin back down the shore way I realized my main competitor would be Liz – dam I thought – I run with her a lot and she ALWAYS beats me. Well not today I told my self – I was gonna win this one no matter what it would take. So I started to get a game plan together to ensure my win – options were….

1. After the 13.1 mark we would be back in the city and the crowd of runners would thin. I could probably tell her to to turn left when we had to make a right and thus get her off course.

2. With about 1/2 mile to go I could drop back and run behind her – let her think I was fading – but then stealthy like a ninja come up from behind and ‘short’ her – pull for running shorts down to her ankles. In the confusion I could sprint by her and ensure the victory.

3. Go to the old standard and just trip her about 100 meters from this finish line.

With three options to victory in mind I was ready for the final push.

We got out to about the 14+ mile marker and made the turn for home. I knew victory was in hand. As we made the last turn towards the finish line I was deciding which ‘strategy towards victory’ to use. Figured I’d go with the tripping – seemed like the most likely to ensure work as mis direction always has a chance to go wrong and I knew even with her shorts around her ankles she could out run me at the end. But just as I was about to knock her down Liz sees Bill Deiter (Second Sole owner) standing on the side of the road and runs up to say Hi.

Well I have been racing a very long time – and I know when a chance to crush my opponent arrives you have to take it – so as Liz slows down to say Hi I declaired that the race finish line will be the blue trash can 100 feet ahead – I caught Liz totally off guard – and thus I sprinted to VICTORY and didn’t even have to knock her down to do it!!!!!!!!

As I basked in the glow of my win, PR and ultimate dominance all I could think of was “wow its GREAT to beat a hot chick”!!!!


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  1. That’s awesome, Rob.

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