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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Some running races…

Mike Schaefer at Pow Wow Days 10k

Mike Schaefer at Pow Wow Days 10k

Here’s a few race reports from various running races over the past couple weeks.

Danny Scherry Memorial 5k- raced by Scott Zubricky, the Dieters, and John Willse.  From Willse:

I ran this race for two reason: to honor a fallen U.S. Marine with whom my family has ties, and 2) to share a “race” with my two boys Matthew (age 9) and Ryan (age8). Matthew got 2nd in the 10 and under and without stopping the entire 3.1 miles, decisively beating both me and Ryan. Ryan, after starting out hurdling cones in the parking lot and going WAY too fast and not listening to me about pacing, paid the price @ mile 2. But he worked hard through the last mile, toughing it out with me, and left me in the dust with 20 yards to go. A great way to spend time with my boys and participating in a great event!

Bay Days 5-miler- raced by Paul Lentini, Marty Mason, Aaron Rood, Jen and Anthony Davila, Rob Reddy and Bill Dieter.  Paul Lentini PRd for the day, great job Paul! 

Pow Wow Days 10k in Wisconsin- raced by Mike Schaefer, with a PR!!

Greeting from Wisconsin – I did my annual 10k near my old hometown, and set another PR by over a minute! The new racing flats from Second Sole are still performing VERY well, and I’m finally getting into running shape again (after 8 years of exclusively bicycle racing…) I’m also having a great mini-training camp/familly vacation. Doing lots of open-water swimming, as the lakes up here are so awesome (and I’m still too sore to run).

Next we’ll get to hear about the Twin Sizzler races…


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