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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Keep your dollars local!

This doesn’t have much to do with triathlon, exactly, but it is important to us. Our team believes in Cleveland! We’re a local team, and we’re supported by local companies. These companies– they’re listed there on the left– believe in an active, healthy lifestyle, and they support our team and our local triathlon community.

Recently, Cleveland’s “buy local” campaigns have gotten some national attention… because they work.

We know there are many options out there… but supporting local companies keeps your dollars in the community and helps to pay the taxes that fix our roads and pay our cops. When you’re looking for a new bike, new shoes, a new gym, or any of a thousand other things you need for triathlon, please support local companies first. It makes a difference.

And, if you think our team is doing good stuff in Cleveland’s multisport community, please let our sponsors know.


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