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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash: St. Malachi!

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Father and son

The Lamastra boys celebrate a great day

Certainly one of Cleveland’s most recognizable races, the St. Malachi Run was the big news this weekend.  This year’s 30th anniversary event drew 2200 people, in less-than-ideal conditions.

Although it wasn’t raining for most of the race, it sure was beforehand– along with a stiff breeze and chilly temps.  None of that seemed to affect the race attendance, though!  SSSMST was represented with about 11 athletes in the race, garnering a 10th overall, and three more top-3 age group finishes.  Jim Lamastra, Marty Mason, Brandy Smith, Andy Cornwell, Joe Bush, Bruce Macdonald, and Scott Zubricky all represented– and special props to Patrick Kolozvary and Jen Petkovsek for their first results in SSSMST colors!  Congratulations, guys.

Of course, Malachi isn’t complete until you’ve downed your second beer by 11:00 after the race…  Thanks to McCarthy’s Ale House for a great post-race party.  Read below for a handful of race reports! (Make sure to check out Rob Reddy’s– I included it because… well…)


Another lovely morning for St Malachi, the weather turned to crap during my warmup with Scott, but cleared up just in time for the 5 mile. A great showing overall and by SSSMST. I tried to hold back at the start, since the downhill is always a free for all. Managed fairly even splits. Aaron Rood caught me at 4 & towed me for about 8/10 mile….thank you sir. For some reason he let me go beat myself up on the final hill. Always a great race to start the year off in Cleveland.


St. Malachi is a fun, tough, early season race. Although my performance was not what it was last year, I’m happy with a fairly strong run and motivated to get to work to get back up to speed! This also was my first race as a member of SSSMST. It was great to be wearing the team colors and get cheered on by my teammates, especially up that last hill!


Not much to say. Early season race with early season race pace I guess! As always, it was fun to see so many teammates out on the course! With the rainy weather I didn’t have team gear on so I was sort of incognito…. but I certainly noticed the early racers as they were going to the finish and I still had to climb out into Tremont.

It was great to have Patrick and Erin cheering me up the hill at the finish (though my expression may have told them otherwise)!!

And finally, Rob, running his own little race against… something:

Go to 5 seasons early and warmed up by sitting in the sauna for about 5 minutes. Weather conditions out side were horrible, cold and wet – at least inside it was dry (till I started sweating like a ho on dollar day) with moderate temps.

Well I lined up, put the head phones on and stretched my index finger in preparation for pushing the START button. Just as I was about to GO!! a cute girl got on the treadmill right in front of mine. I did not know if I should laugh or cry. Of course it would be a pleasure running behind this beauty in her short shorts, but then since I would be racing against someone else my quest for world treadmill dominance as in jeapordy. Well I figured if things got tight near the end I could always nimbly hop off and un-plug her machine thus ensuring another immensely impressive win for “Running Man Reddy”

Well we both took off at about the same time. Some how my nemisis seems to stay just about 6 feet in front of me no matter how much faster I pushed the “increase speed” button. Some how she knew I was right behind her (maybe because all I did was stare at her back side in a creepy way — just a guess). With less than a mile to go I have to admit I was totally in a daze from having watched this leggy running mistress’, ummm cough, increadible running form. Thus I somehow forgot to unplug her treadmill – causing me to come in 2nd OA.

As I stood there gasping for air in a pool of my own bodily fluids that tremendous athletic machine, whose sporting abilities were only surpassed by her super model good looks, spryly hopped off her treadmill. Turning she shot me a gaze – of course I imagined that she was thinking “wow what an increadible bo-hunk of a man, I will be taking him home for my very own today” but then I realized that gaze was not of admiration but really repulsion and disgust. I tried to recover, smiling and giving her a slightly suggestive wink – she vomited and fled the room.


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