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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash: Rob wins a bike race, and some 5k results

Edited to include a great report and good news from Reddy.

Not a whole lot going on over the weekend, although several of the Blue and Green took to streets around Cleveland (and places beyond, too).

Aussie Rob raced the first of the Cuyahoga Valley Circuit races, ridiculously racing as a Cat 5.  His race reports shows some grasshoppah yet to be vanquished, but his strength and bull-headedness prevail to earn him a win in a field of 4s, 5s, and masters.  Impressive riding.

Jim, Aaron, and Andy raced the City2City 5k, setting off from Tower City and in to Ohio City and back.  Jim logged a sub-17 to take 2nd overall.  Aaron was 6th, and Andy was behind them somewhere.

Marty was out of town, showing some hometown spectators the colors and racking up a 3rd overall and 1st masters result in Magnolia Springs, Alabama.  Reddy was in Texas and did some racing there, too– his report will be attached in a bit.

Reports are below!

From Marty:

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