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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Two more indoor trainer classes! Whatchoo wanna do?

With the spring rapidly approaching, we’ve got some options about how to use our last two trainer classes at Five Seasons.

Andy is teaching tonight’s class, in the style to which you’ve become accustomed. That is, it will be an upbeat, happy occasion with goodwill oozing from everyone in the room and dripping on the floor (wait… that is goodwill, isn’t it?), while we become stronger, faster, more efficient cyclists. Then we’ll go upstairs and have a few beers and a sandwich. As if this wasn’t reason enough to attend, it’s supposed to start snowing tonight. What else are you going to do?

Next week, however, is a different story. Next week is the final class of the year, and we have a few suggestions. Will you please give your opinion?

Suggestion 1: Hold the class as usual
Two hours, nothing different.

Suggestion 2: Hold a short class with a bit of a social gathering after.
SSSMST would host a little get-together upstairs, some food, some hanging out. Maybe the class is a bit shorter (say, 7:30 to 9?) to encourage people to stick around.

Suggestion 3: Hold a Heart Rate Field Test class
Rather than do a typical workout, we would all do a field test to estimate our Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR). This would take about an hour. This way, we would all calculate our heart rate zones to use for training this summer. If you use a heart rate monitor for training, an accurate and current estimation of your LTHR is crucial. Testing on the bike is a repeatable and validated way to get a good guess at your training zones. After the test, we could all go upstairs and have a little talk about training with heart rate.

Please let me know if you’d be interested in the heart rate test. I could imagine doing both a regular class and a heart rate class simultaneously, I suppose… just jot your thoughts in the comments and we’ll figure it out.


15 Responses

  1. My preference would be choice 1. I wouldn’t be unhappy if we did choice 2. I would skip choice 3. I’m not very good at math or story problems.

  2. i vote for option #4 – strippers, drugs and booze – oh ya and a rock band – maybe Kiss or Arrowsmith – ya that would be fun

  3. Ride outside?

  4. I’m a fan of #3.

  5. I’m a fan of #3 and since my attendance has been perfect, we should do that.

  6. I ‘m up for (1) or (3) a person of extremes.

  7. I’m with Jim, # 3 for my perfect attendance.

  8. If it counts, my vote is for option 2. Being social is a lot more fun than intervals or a threshold test.

  9. I’m with J Hall, More PARTY!!!! all the time!!!

  10. Weather is supposed to be in the 60’s….i say reward everyone with an outdoor ride together, then social afterwards.

    Or, #2 if an outdoor ride is too difficult to coordinate.

  11. I’m with Aussie……outside or #2

  12. I like option #3…but Reddy’s suggestion sounds like more fun!

  13. I’ll be travelling Thursday night while you all are cycling- sorry to miss out. If I was around, I’d vote for #2, with the option of going outside if the weather is that nice!! Maybe we can have a party another time anyway 🙂

  14. I say #1 or #2. But I’m just a cycling wannabe without my own bike or fancy heart monitor 😦
    So if there’s a ride outside I may just skip that and meet up after for the fun, I mean more fun, part.

  15. I *just* picked up my brand new bike… so now I vote for outside!

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