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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash: Rob wins a bike race, and some 5k results

Edited to include a great report and good news from Reddy.

Not a whole lot going on over the weekend, although several of the Blue and Green took to streets around Cleveland (and places beyond, too).

Aussie Rob raced the first of the Cuyahoga Valley Circuit races, ridiculously racing as a Cat 5.  His race reports shows some grasshoppah yet to be vanquished, but his strength and bull-headedness prevail to earn him a win in a field of 4s, 5s, and masters.  Impressive riding.

Jim, Aaron, and Andy raced the City2City 5k, setting off from Tower City and in to Ohio City and back.  Jim logged a sub-17 to take 2nd overall.  Aaron was 6th, and Andy was behind them somewhere.

Marty was out of town, showing some hometown spectators the colors and racking up a 3rd overall and 1st masters result in Magnolia Springs, Alabama.  Reddy was in Texas and did some racing there, too– his report will be attached in a bit.

Reports are below!

From Marty:

This race was the finish to our spring break vacation. I did my best to avoid most of the southern food. Fried chicken, fried okra, fried pickle chips. They fry almost anything.
The 7th Annual Magnolia Springs 5k is almost entirely arched with Magnolia trees. It was absolutely a “Forrest Gump”, Deep South, small town, stunningly beautiful course. A couple of surprised peacocks were spotted during the race as well.
My very professional looking SSSMT kit drew a few strange looks at the start. Most everyone was t-shirt and baggy shorts. I ran well but I did not unseat the seven-time winner of the race(:16.49). I asked him if he swam, or cycled after the race. He said he didn’t. I felt better.
Immediately after the race, I loaded my boys up for the 16 hour drive home. Going home is always the tough part.

From Jim:

It was a great morning and always fun to run over the big bridges. Andrea and Jocelyn are tougher than all the guys!

From Aaron:

I ran a 5k- They always hurt. This was not exception

From Andy:

I am slow. But I think I’m on the upswing. The highlight of the race was watching Andrea Lamastra and Jocelyn Rood sprinting side-by-side up Ontario Street to finish. Jackson in one stroller, Luca in the other, with Jim and Aaron taunting/encouraging alongside. Jim said “Who wants it more?” and Jackson screams “I do!” to much laughter. It was a great day and a fun group.

From Aussie:

I’m trying to do more bike racing this year so i have more time with the kids, but I wasn’t really sure how it would all work out for me. Especially after a pretty lackluster winter training program (no IMs to scare me out the door on cold snowy mornings).

So showing up to the covered bridge races I was hoping to do well against the CAT5s, but wasn’t sure if I would be able to take the CAT4s and Masters that were lumped in with us. Unsure of how to play it, I sat in for the first 3 laps (of 5) on the rolling 5 mile course, and then attacked at the end of the 3rd lap. I immediately got a gap, and it looked like I was going to be able to stretch it out on the winding back side of the course and get out of sight. Unfortunately though, some of the stronger 4s and Masters weren’t having any of it, and after 5 miles out there by myself they reeled me in. I saw them gaining, knew I couldn’t stay away for another lap, so I sat up, took a drink and waited for them to make the catch.

Jumped on some wheels and caught my breath for the next few miles and tried to stay attentive near the front of the pack in case someone else decided to go. No one did. So after the last real turn, the finishing straight is a long drag uphill that goes for maybe 1000m….I still felt ok (albeit somewhat depleted after my earlier attack) and decided to have another dig because I didnt want to risk a sketchy CAT5 field sprint. Jumped hard and knew it was for all the marbles. The pack hesitated a little and thats all I needed. Gapped them enough to grab a solo victory! I even remembered to put my hands up! $35 purse for the win….was cool to get paid!


Was in Houston for work so why not race – found one of the Escape to Alcatraz qualifier race (2 slots awarded for most AGs) and figured why not do it. Before I start if gotta say this was a really nice race and well run – they gave a lot of stuff away in the goodie bag and had a nice after race party – this seems to NOT be the norm at more and more races in the past few years. And price was reasonable – $85 if you signed up on time. Props to On-UR-Mark Racing.

Like many of the Alcatraz qualifiers – you jump off a boat and swim into shore. All the guys on my boat were pissin their pants scared but I was a bad ass and crushed them on the l-o-n-g swim.

Houston is WAY flat – so all the people were pissin their pants about havin to ride up and over this big bridge – 4 times (good god the insanity) – but I was a bad ass and jumped on my bike and crushed them on the l-o-n-g bike.

So we get to the run and I’m pissin my pants cause my achilies hurts like a mo fo – one guy in my AG passed me at mile one – got about a minute up on me. I hung on but could not catch him. He was a bad ass and crushed me on the run.

Took the slot to Alcatraz and will make it a double Cali month next May with Wildflower at the start of May and Alcatraz at the end of May 2011.

Good times


4 Responses

  1. Well done!! Rob, how much longer till you move up? 🙂

  2. Not sure. Technically i need 10 starts as a 5, but word is they may let me move up sooner with a few good results.

  3. I can’t wait to race on Aussie’s team next road race. I’ll give him a final lead-out with 25 or 30 miles to go, then sit in and block! Nice race!

  4. Aussie, you could probably get your upgrade faster by asking all the other cat-5 racers to write a letter on your behalf.

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