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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash: Cleveland Marathon events, and Chippewa Creek

Rob in Pain

Spin – Second Sole had a lot of people out and about this weekend, between the many events at the Cleveland Marathon and a classic road race down in Brecksville.

The short version is that we had some fast finishes, some OTB finishes, and several team members took the day to give back to the community.

Bonus Results Rehash on Wednesday, too!

Read below for the full smorgasbord.

Paul Lentini, Brian Stern, and Tim Walsh all did the 10k.   Stern turned in a great time, at 34:23, to finish 2nd Masters and 18th overall.  That dood is quick.  Tim took the day to run with a group of colleagues from Metrohealth, who were doing their first 10k– what a great way to give back.

Patrick Kolozvary ran the marathon, scooting along to finish in 3:04.  As usual, Jim Lamastra and Aaron Rood volunteered to lead the 3:10 pace group, which apparently went well.  That’s an important Boston Marathon qualifying time for men, so I’m sure a lot of people were grateful for the help.

Mike leads his group uphill

Aussie Rob and Mike Schaefer went down to Brecksville for the Chippewa Creek Road Race.  Rob worked hard early in the 1-2-3 race, ultimately too hard.  Mike entered the 35+ Masters race, and counted on help from some other teams, as he was racing solo.  The race never came together like he’d hoped, but he finished strong and felt good.  There are some great pictures of Mike and Rob and everyone else at Mehul Gala’s flickr page.

The Reports:

Mike Schaefer:

Opted for Master 35+ given the hilly course.  A 5-6 man break went up the road on lap 2.5 out of 6 and it contained a Spin Roadie ?John Errington.  I was happy to sit in the main pack, as the first 2 times up the big climb were very painful.  Two guys made solo bridges up to the break, but I decided to save my legs for a late once it all came back together (and it never did!).  I had no trouble staying near the front of the field as the pace slowed, and managed to finish ~6th in pack, as the finish was at the top of the big climb.  It was a good workout, though, basically 6 all-out 2min uphill intervals.  And I enjoyed making friends with a few master Roadies – good guys!  Beautiful weather!

Aussie Rob:

Tough course. Got into a brief early break that didn’t stick, then spent most of the rest of the race fighting for position.

P. Martin, and some Panthers and Carbons got up the road with 2 laps to go. Realised the uphill finish probably wasn’t for me, so when the break went i came to the front and drilled it as best i could to try and bring them back knowing it was probably going to be the end of my race, and hoping someone else could capitalise. Already red-lined going into the big hill on the last lap proved me right.

Would have been good not to have been dropped….but hey….it’s called “racing” not “riding around waiting for shit to happen.”

Brian Stern:

This was to be a speed workout and planned training and that is how it turned out.

I went out attempting to hold a 5:20 pace and stay in the hunt for the masters money.

I ended up feeling pretty good considering a tough workout on Saturday and managed to finish 2nd master and get some coin for my effort.

Patrick Kolozvary:

Marathons always seem like a good idea, until mile 22 comes around. It is a tough distance to race, but I guess that’s what draws me back to it.
The city really put on a good show & we couldn’t have asked for better weather.  Its great to see big events in Cleveland selling out.

Jim Lamastra:

Aaron and I paced the 3:10 group for the marathon and as always had a blast.  Unlike the past however, Aaron and I were together for only a mile.  Usually we overlap about 10 miles with one going the first 20 and the other going the last 16 or so.  13 was all that I was good for and I handed off the pace flag and went back to find my father.  He was running the 1/2 and I was able to turn back and run the last mile with him.

As always, my dad impressed me with his unbelievable speed (for his age) and finished in 1:44.36, 1st in the 70 and over group…he also would have been first in the 65-69 group.  I am very proud of him.  He is my inspiration.

Tim Walsh:

I ran with half a dozen colleagues from MetroHealth, most pushing their comfort zone with a 10k distance. They weren’t the only ones; as I crossed the overpass at the midway point, all I could see was a street filled to capacity of runners, both in front and behind me, clearly pushing their comfort zones. My only thought was, “way to take on a challenge Cleveland!”


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  1. Nice work runners.

    Congrats to Stern for a fast time, Pat for going 3:04 (pr?), and Tim, Rood, Jim for being good blokes. I heard Paul had the best mustache on course. I’ve been running into women all over Cleveland who have been telling me about him.

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