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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash – All Rev’ed up!


Last weekend saw the inaugural Rev 3 triathlon at Cedar Point. It was a big deal for Ohio as it hosted its first legitimate full iron distance race (104.6 miles) since HFP’s attempt at Deer Creek a few years back. Like many other local area triathletes, SSSMST members took full advantage of such a quality race being held in their own backyards in both a racing and volunteer capacity.

Marty Mason, despite being older than dirt, and damn near inventing the sport he’s been racing for so long, finally had a crack at the real deal. Only he didn’t crack on his way to an impressive 10:36 finish. Dirt ain’t got nothing on Marty.

Brandy Smith, Jen Petkovsek, Joe Bush, and Brian Stern all opted for the slightly less daunting half distance. Brandy tackled the distance for the first time (with great results), Jen had a fantastic race despite seeing the contents of her stomach more than twice,  while vets Joe and Brian did what they do and turned in some really good times (Brain always wants more, but that’s a really good thing).

Closer to Cleveland, Leah Halloran, Bruce Macdonald, and Rob Thompson got their cross on at Wendy Park. Leah owned the womens race, Bruce raced well and looked handsome the whole time en route to his 4th place, while Aussie just didn’t have a very good day at all.

Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend, as well to the organizers (Spin and Rev3) who provide us a venue to torture ourselves.

Click through for the reports.

Marty “The Man” Mason

It has been 25 years since I completed my first multisport race. Ironman was always on my “Bucket List” since the beginning; however, juggling training and life(work, a wife, and three little boys)didn’t allow me to get to THE distance. Well, that just got scratched from my Bucket List at Rev3.
I want to say I learned by listening intently to people that have completed the distance. Jim Lamastra, John Willse, Joe Bush, Aussie and Tim Walsh suggested what TO DO and what NOT TO DO. I truly appreciate those words because they inspired me to a near perfect rookie race. The weather really made it shine as well.
The double-rectangular swim course went almost perfect. My splits for each 1.2 mile section were within seconds of each other. I am going to hug my lane partner at Lakewood Masters the next time I see him!
On to the double-loop “pop-sicle” bike course. I was told by Wise Men: “if you think your going too hard; YOU ARE, back-off.” Remembering those words saved me on the return to Cedar Point. The last 20 miles were into a Kick-in-the-teeth headwind.
Off the bike, I had wicked “hot-foot” for the 30 yard run to the changing tent. I wondered if I could run much further. Changing into my running shoes; the voices appeared again. “It does not matter how fast you run…just DON’T WALK.” Easier said than done, but I listened. I ran the entire marathon course with quite even splits(except for aid stations). Thanks to Rood for running with me at the SSSMT aid station. He said, “you are gonna have to dig deep for the last six miles.” Yes, it hurt….bad, but the Cedar Point Amusement Park finish awaited.
The Space Needle was the near the finish. I tried not to look at it. In my state of mind, I thought it may move further away! I zipped my jersey up at mile 25. Entering the park was really exciting. Somehow seeing the long, long line of REV3 banners really perked up my step. I knew I had it when my son, Owen, popped between the Rev3 fencing to join me in the last 50 meters. Daddy then became an Ironman.

Brandy “forgetful but fast” Smith

The race went very well!!  The water was pretty cold (maybe mid to upper 60s, brr!), but not too wavey, thank goodness.  The temperature outside was probably about 70 at the finish, and the sun didn’t come out till later which was nice.  There was quite a breeze which made the ride a bit harder, but I tell myself that everyone has to do this with the same weather conditions so my disadvantage wasn’t any greater than anyone else.
My goals were to run the whole half marathon and come in under 6 hours total.  I did both, so I am very happy!  I am rockin’ a pretty sweet sunburn from when the sun came out – especially on my legs from where my shorts were.  But at least it’s the end of the summer so they’ll fade before it matters for anything.  🙂
I was pretty tired (read: light-headed) when it was all over and had to sit down for a while, which doesn’t usually happen.  I got a plate full of fruit and didn’t even have the energy to scoop it into my mouth!  I could have eaten more during the race but at least it was “only” a half so I survived.
I might have been able to hit 5:45 if I had been more thoughtful during T1… I got nearly out of transition and realized I forgot to stuff my food in my jersey pockets.  I slid to a stop and pretty much dropped my bike.  The volunteer didn’t want me to leave it, so I went back with my bike to get my food, and FINALLY made it out to ride.  I think T1 was like 4 minutes, haha.  Ah well, the beauty of the first time at a distance is that you get to have a PR!
It was awesome to see so many familiar faces out racing and cheering!  It was also pretty incredible to watch so many complete their first Iron Distance race, like our own Marty Mason who did awesome!!!

Jen “if there were questions of toughness, vomiting while racing answers them. Sweet!” Petkovsek

So the Rev3 half was finally here! The day started off with a chilly swim that went ok, although I’m convincing myself this year is time for serious attendance at masters swimming! Got off on the bike, ok. I had been worried about being cold and brought arm warmers but didn’t bother and I’m glad I didn’t as I wasn’t cold at all. The bike was going really well, passed the group of Ironfans in Milan which was just awesome and provided some motivation. I also saw Brandy around then too. However, not too long after my stomach took a turn for the worse and I barfed two times in a row. This isn’t good but then I thought my stomach might be better. Nope. Upchucked one more time and it was mostly liquid and I thought “this is really not good.” I still had at least 15 miles, maybe 20, on the bike and I slowed quite a bit. This is where there was also more headwind heading back toward Cedar Point. I couldn’t even sip my water so I wondered how the heck I was going to run. I was thinking this was going to be another death march like my marathon last fall and left my Garmin on my bike in transition as I figured I wouldn’t even want to see my pace. Early on I was able to get in a gel and water and felt decent running. As I went I started feeling better and able to take in another gel and water along the way. I have to say the run was a nice route with many parts along the water and more opportunity to see other racers. There were so many people from Cleveland out there which was fantastic. Tim Walsh made an appearance on the run on his bike about half-way and he asked how I was feeling and I just blurted “I barfed 3x on my bike!” Of course he was kind to say well it doesn’t look like it. You only have 6 more miles in your season and that stuck with me. I knew I could make it 6 more miles and I did. I was very glad to make it to the finish as strong as I did with everything that happened. Although my overall time wasn’t what I was hoping for I’m still pleased with the day and finish. It was a great day for Cleveland and triathlon. Everyone did so awesome. I was happy and proud to be a part of it. Congratulations to Marty (WOW!), Joe, Brian, and Brandy (awesome first HIM!)!

Joe “yells at handicapped people” Bush

Overall great race.  Rev3 did a great job for the inaugural race.  Everything was very professional and the volunteer support was everywhere.  They even had cold water on the run course…for at least the half.

Now for the race itself.  The swim calmed considerably for the race start, but the last third into shore was challenging to say the least.  Pretty good for an unprotected lake erie swim though.  Felt great getting out of the water and onto the bike.

Rode most of the bike course a few months ago and I knew it was going to be fun but windy.  Going with the wind for the first half was really fast.  I knew the guys around me and knew that I was keeping a pretty good pace.  I also knew that my run would suck anyway so I figured I might as well just crank on the bike.  The last twenty miles was alittle hillier than I expected, but I didn’t feel the wind as much as some others did.  Fastest bike split ever for a half…by far.  I think I was 2nd or 3rd in AG after the bike.

Went out on the run feeling fine and held a decent pace the whole way.  Pretty uneventful except for almost being killed by a handicapped woman who apparently didn’t get the spirit of such a great event.  I heard her barreling down on me when someone behind me yelled “look out…I think she’s drunk”.  I turned around and she was about 3 feet behind me driving halfway in the parking lane.  Not sure what the deal was but I hope the spectators had they’re earmuffs on because I probably said something inappropriate for most people under 18.  Anyway, I got over it after a couple miles and finished the race.

The crowd support was sparse but rowdy and the SSSMST support was very lifting.  Seemed like they were spread all over the course.  Thanks to everyone for such great support.  I think we all represented the team well.

I would definitely do this race again next year.

Brain “not bad for a sick day” Stern

I show up Saturday and have the feeling that I have been fighting off a cold (in a cloud with thin air). The little Petri dishes after two weeks back teaching always make my immune system work really hard. I feel slightly under the weather and wanted to use this race as a tune up for HalfMax Nationals. So, I figure do want I can and let things fall where they may. I get up Sunday and feel really crappy and almost skip the race and become a fan but I need the workout so into the water I go and drink a few Lake Erie cocktails in route to the swim finish (about 35 min – decent for my swim ability) and head out on the bike. The wind is a constant 15 mph and is great as a tailwind but not so fun hitting your face. I eat some gel in the first 15 miles and almost throw it back up so I decide to drink Heed and water for the bike portion. I also decide to push the bike a bit harder then normal (about 10 watts higher then HIM pace and average 22.6mph into the wind), because I have no idea how my run is going to look, feeling really drained of energy. (GPS watch says 3350 calories lost and only about 200 replaced you do the math). I run as well as possibly and start out with my normal couple of quick miles (6:08, 6:10) and then start to feel the lack of (you chose- fight, energy, ect..) and begin my slow decent to the finish. I manage to hang tough for 8 miles but nowhere near my normal run. I begin to feel every step and ask myself why I just did not sleep in and ride the rides? The last five miles my body ran on fumes to the point I had to walk through aid stations and the small climb leading to the finish. I end the day 11th overall and second in age group. I was about 15 minutes off my expected time, a bit disappointed, but still a decent showing for not being a hundred percent. Three weeks until HalfMax Nationals in Myrtle Beach SC to finish the tri season.

Leah “enough about my awesome race, lets talk about you” Halloran

Team Spin/RR Donnelley hosted the Wendy Park Cross Race this year.  A lot of work went into planning this race and we all appreciate the efforts of the Team Spin boys and Andy.  The course was sweet (a legit sand pit, a barrier on a hill and lots of turns) and the weather was perfect.  The most embarrassing part of the day was when my bike slid out from underneath me on the finish line….oops. The best part of my day was volunteering at Rev3.  Andy and I headed out after the A race to work the mile 9/22 aid station with the Lentini’s, Aaron, Patrick, Erin, Tim and Kim.  Watching and supporting all the athletes as they neared the finish was an unforgettable experience.  I have the upmost respect for anyone undertaking a race of that magnitude and I felt honored to be helping them along the way.  Great job to everyone who raced…I admire you.

Bruce “suffers well” Macdonald

While most everyong else focussed on extended suffering at Rev3, I opted for some short term pain at the Spin sponsored cross race.  Like all jacksonesque courses, this was filled with areas that try to take out fitness and replace with skilz. Opted out of the A race and did B’s so I could actually race, and not just try to avoid being lapped.  Had a pretty strong race, finished 4th.  Leah had a great win in the womens field, nach rode well in the B’s, great work by Aussie in a tough A race.
Congrats to all of you that raced in Sandusky!

Rob “losing builds character” Thompson

Showed up with expectations of doing well. Leah was inspiring when she smashed the women’s field, and i felt ok. Funny how things go awry.

Had a bad first lap, then lost some air in my front wheel but didn’t notice until i tried to corner hard and crashed. Hurt myself, had another bad lap while i tried to gather myself, stopped in the pit for an awesome wheel change (thanks guys!!), and decided i was far far away from where i wanted to be….so made sure i passed Rudy Sroka, and with only Spin riders directly in front of me elected to settle for an underwhelming first cx race of the season. Truth be told, the Team Spin guys would have elicited more pain from me to try and pass them than i think i had that day. So in reality i didnt really settle…..i got beat.

The Hallorans raced great though, so did Bruuuuce. Was cool seeing them do so well. Team Spin/Spin did an awesome job. Cheers!


5 Responses

  1. Congrats to everyone! What a fun weekend– I really enjoyed working the aid station with the crew. Does anyone doubt that if Paul and Tammy decided to start a company running triathlons, they’d be the best around? Clockwork, those two.

  2. What a great group of multisport athletes. I’m honored to be part of such a great team. REV 3 in 2011. Labor day weekend.

  3. Thank you all for the congratulatory remarks. REV3 weekend was wonderful. You were ALL an unbelievably welcome sight at that aid station. Sorry I could not stay and chat longer; my quads were really enjoying the beating I was giving them.

    I really don’t know how the heck I turned in a 10:35 rookie Ironman race.

    • Marty-
      I think it was because we missed out on all the pain that Mohican would have brung had we been able to do the whole shebang in 1999. I will say that 7-hours and 3/5 of Pineman does cost you when you try racing Floridian four weeks later though.

      Good job. Was getting a little worried when they didn’t update the website splits for a while and you were stuck out on lap 2 of the bike.

  4. Congrats to everyone on a successful weekend at Rev3 & at the Cross Race. I had a great time volunteering with the SSSMST crew…chasing down our friends & people we didn’t know just to help them have a great race experience in Northern Ohio. Good Stuff.
    Being on the other side of the race is just what I needed to help stoke the fire I’ll need this winter to get ready for IM Lake Placid…with a lot of other SSSMST’rs.

    Marty you are the man! I am inspired.

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