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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Leah Halloran – Ohio State Cyclocross Champion!


We’ve been calling her the Boss of Cross for a little while now, but at the Ohio State Cyclocross Championships Leah proved that as far as Ohio goes, she is indeed worthy of that title.

Despite dominating the local NEOCX series, and winning down in Cincinnati, Leah knew that the State Championships would bring out some tough competition, and she would have to battle. The race didn’t disappoint; not only drawing fast girls from Ohio, but fast ones from out of state, too. Showing excellent composure despite a late race crash, Leah battled back to 2nd place (1st was from out of state), and was crowned the fastest woman in Ohio.

Congratulations Boss! Congrats also go out to Brent Evans of Team Spin who was crowned Masters State Champion. Nice work guys!

Check out the article in Cyclocross Magazine and read through for Leah’s report.

The Boss of Cross –

Last weekend Jason and I drove to Yellow Springs to compete at the John Bryan Classic State Cyclocross Championships.  I felt like we really lucked out with the weather this cross season and Sunday was no exception.  Although it was cold, there was no snow on the ground and the sun was shining.  The course also had some noteworthy features like log jumps, two sections of singletrack and a deep sandpit just as you rounded a corner.  Our start time was at 2:02 right after the Elite men which was great.  We had the course to ourselves and we never had to pass anyone nor be passed.  The race began uphill and I didn’t get the hole shot but was able to maneuver around a few ladies to gain the second spot as we completed the prologue.  Once we were on the course, I took over first place and tried to settle in.  The course was hard in the respect that I had to slow down a lot into the majority of the turns and that made it hard to gain an advantage.  After clearing the first sandpit and going through the loop-de-loop section I was passed.  I managed to keep the gap right at 5-6 seconds for the next lap but lost time because I couldn’t bunny hop the logs.  Must work on that for next year!  As I crossed the start line with two laps to go I went down and was passed by third place.  I managed to hang onto her wheel and took this opportunity to rest for a few minutes before surging past.  I held her off for the last lap and a 1/2 and was able to finish in 2nd.  Since I was the first girl from Ohio, I won the State Championship.  It was a weird feeling “winning” the Championship jersey but not crossing the line first.  That being said, it was a great way to finish the season.


2 Responses

  1. LEAH! Well done! You sure kept your head in the race after going down…that’s what made the difference!! Fantastic!

  2. LEAH the conquer!

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