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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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SSSMST goes to Lake Placid – introduction

This year, many northeast Ohio triathletes will be participating in Ironman Lake Placid.  In the mix are several SSSMSTers, including myself – a first timer.  I’d love to remember this for the big-time event that it is, and what better way to do that than to journal our progress?

Although we haven’t ironed out the details for what how this will unfold (who has time to plan blog posts when there’s a 140.6 mile race to train for??), we’ll most likely write about the highs, the lows, the challenges, the favorite workouts, the most hated workouts – most of the things that make this interesting.  Feel free to shoot me any questions or topics you’d like us to include: bnsmith79@gmail.com.  Or leave comments – either way will work.

To officially kick this off, I thought I’d start by introducing a few of us who will be racing this July. 

First off: me. 

I actually never intended to do an Ironman triathlon.  Over the years, though, I’ve grown as a triathlete and figured I may never have another time in my life where the race prep will fit in, and here I am.  (It doesn’t hurt that so many of my friends have done this before and are available to train with me!)  I’m really looking forward to the group workouts and all the memories to be made over the next six months.  Besides the obvious difficulty in finding balance in training and non-training, I think my biggest challenge will be juggling the training schedule with weeks away from home when I have to travel for work.

Next is Patrick Kolozvary. 

This will be Patrick’s second Ironman triathlon – apparently the excitement of finishing the first time was enough to get him to take the plunge for number two.  He’s looking forward to building up the training time, especially once it’s nice enough to get outside!  And if Ironman training isn’t enough, Patrick will be planning his wedding at the same time.  (his wife-to-be will be racing with us, too!)

And finally (for today’s intro) is Brian Kostura.  Brian let the peer pressure get the best of him and signed up for his third Ironman.  That, and the challenge of “attempting one of the toughest IM courses around!”  His favorite part of IM training is the camaraderie.  Like me, Brian knows it will be tough to train with a crazy work/travel schedule.  And, like Patrick, Brian also has a wedding to plan!  Busy busy!!

We’ll get to the rest of the introductions soon enough, and I plan to share details about our “BIG SUNDAY” workouts in the next post!


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