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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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The legendary Dirty Dog

Brandy, Jen, Z, Rood, and Marty getting ready to get dirty

Wow! Two posts in a row that have a “Dirty” race.  This weekend brought along the annual “Dirty Dog” 10k run in Cortland/ West Mecca.   Jocelyn Rood got some photos up on Facebook.  Even though the location may be difficult to find on a map, SSSMST was out in force.  Here are some first hand accounts…

From Kevin Krol

Yeah, I love racing in peanut butter.  Talk about going to extremes – two years ago Patrick and I were up at 5AM trying to figure out if they cancelled the race in the middle of a snowstorm.  They did. Last year, snowstorm hit two days prior to the race, so trails were partially packed down, at least where hikers went.  Made footing atrocious and probably upped my dosage of Doan’s Pills for a couple weeks.  This year – it was like the Monster Jam – wet, muddy, mucky, and legs, tires, bodies, spinning every which way and churning things asunder.  Did not go into this expecting much as it was my first race since last August.  I expected to feel smooth and somewhat aerobically comfortable.  Smooth, hardly.  Comfortable, not so much.

Joey, have you ever tried..................running in peanut butter?

Jen P’s thoughts

This was my first Dirty Dog 10k! I recalled seeing the picture of many teammates and hearing stories from last year so I made sure I would be able to participate this year. I’m working on building some training volume so I was not rested at all for this event. That bit me in the butt late in the first mile when somehow my stride got caught up in a stick and I fell. After that I just settled in to a decent pace. It was definitely dirty! There was a part that went out from the trail onto the “beach” which was just mean and I thought “this is not what I imagine when running on the beach.” Fortunately after that the terrain improved and I was able to pick it up and pick off a few people the last couple miles which made me happy with my effort. Of course, the guys were already finished and enjoying their recovery beverages by then! I enjoyed the sign in the parking lot speaking in regards to Mosquito Lake. It said something about “not being number 73. That 72 people have died in the lake as they did not think they needed a personal floatation device. They were dead wrong.” Wow, that is to the point! Anyways, Rood’s parents, who live nearby, (which is why this nonsense really occurs) were very welcoming offering hot showers and a delicious breakfast!

Aaron Roods thoughts

Wet, Muddy and Totally Fun

Scott Z’s take

Another great Dirty Dog. This is the first time it was not covered in snow or ice. It was wet and muddy. Its always a fun event and the breakfast was delicious as usual.

And Anne’s kind comments –

“Another great Dirty Dog 10K.  Chaz and Donna Rood had all of us over to shower, get warm and feast on french toast, mimosa’s and my personal favorite Aunt Jan’s oatmeal…I love it!  It is always good to hang with Jackson and Noah Rood.  Jocelyn’s running bud Lonnie was impressive knocking down the muddiest of 10K 5 months pregnant with her 5th baby!  I feel like an underachiever who needs to get busy….Krol Daddy!..
I recommend The Dirty Dog to everyone!  Cheers to The Roods! “


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