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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Chili Bowl 5k, Dirty Love 10k…Time to Run!

February in Cleveland is made for running races, ok maybe not every year, but this winter has been ideal.

There were two races last weekend.  The Dirty Trail Race series is a growing series in Cleveland, and Brandy Smith got all dolled up and ran the “Dirty Love” with a great group of women.  Cleveland’s Chili Bowl is one of our spring classics.  Although it’s moved locations rather frequently, it’s always a great event and a first good test of fitness for the year.

Read on to see what’s going on!

“This race recently changed “”ownership”” into the Dirty Trail Race Series.  This year it was the second in the 2012 series and was located at North Chagrin Reservation.  As promised, we had a stream crossing in the first half mile, but fortunately it was cold (i.e. frozen) enough that my feet stayed dry.  The course was tough and hilly, but stayed in the trails through the beauty of northeast ohio.  The fresh weekend snow added some challenge, making this possibly the toughest run to date (including the Run for Regis half) in 2012.  My YakTrax are really getting some mileage!

I wore my team gear, complete with a skirt and knee-high green compression socks.  I thought I’d put some work into my appearance since it was the “”Dirty Love”” and all.

I had a blast with a bunch of fun ladies – shout out to Cydney Bare, Lori Muller, Kim Walsh, Megan Jones (and her lovely husband Jeff who put up with all the women!).  And of course SSSMST’s own Susan!  Definitely a fun way to spend a Sunday morning in February!”

Downtown Cleveland the Chili Bowl 5k took place on Saturday.  In her first official race here are Katie’s comments;

My first race as a member of SSSMST! I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one. I had not done a race since early December and my running has been a bit sporadic since then. Despite a long warm up before the start, in the first mile my legs felt tight and I was having difficultly finding a rhythm. I hit mile 1 at 6:40. Backed the pace off to 7:05 and felt more comfortable in mile 2. By the 3rd mile I felt the lack of consistent training in my legs. I focused on picking off the people in front of me that were fading and kept a steady pace finishing out mile 3 in 7:06. I didn’t have enough left to pick up the pace for the last .1 so I just tried to hold on and not let too many people pass me. That strategy failed me because a runner in my age group I had been going back and forth with made a sprint for the line and edged me out in the last 20-ish feet. Hate when that happens! Overall pretty happy with the results and it motivated me to step up my training. Afterwards I grabbed some chili once I could stomach it and chatted with some local runners I had not seen since December. Excited for the season to get started and for more races in the green and blue! 🙂

Patrick made it out for the race as well…

It was perfect weather for a 5k in February.  It was good to see Katie in her team colors for her first official SSSMST race.  A nice headwind for part of the race kept everyone honest.  I was happy with my race based on the minimal training I have been putting in! It is always encouraging to see over 1000 Clevelanders out on the streets being active this time of year.


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