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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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More catching up….

Another schmattering of race reports from the backlog!

Brian Kostura’s IM Lake Placid experience:

It’s an IM Race…so much to talk about, but here’s the quick summary:
– race was 2 yrs in the making for me
– PR’d on the swim by 16 min
– 112 mile bike went mostly as planned (saving the legs for the marathon)
– Legs felt good on the run, but unexpected tight back
– Overall felt good, challenging beautiful course and fantastic venue!

So many friends and family following me along the way! I can’t thank everyone enough for the fantastic fan support!


And from August – the Vermilion Harbor Tri & Du (lots of good stuff here!):

Patrick K – This event reminded me of why I got in to this sport…fun! A beautiful morning, lots of teammates & friends, and a good race. I had a decent swim, since I havent been swimming at all. The bike was scenic. As I got to mile 12 an older guy wiped out in front of me on an expansion joint on a bridge, he hit the concrete hard. I couldnt leave him, so I stopped to check on him. One other guy stopped too, as we were seeing what was going on, the next guy to pass wiped out too. Crazy. I rode to the next cop to let them know to get some help. It felt good to help out. i had a stong run so that was a great way to wrap up the day.Krol was right by me the whole race which made it fun be racing with him & the rest of the team.

Dr. Mike – Another great race venue and perfect weather! I had a PR in the swim by ~1min and solid bike/run for a course PR, and just off my best OLY time ever! Such a great way to do my first “over 40” race! I had fun racing with Adam and Henely on the course, even though they both passed me. Quaker Steak lunch with everyone was perfect too! Next year HFP be sure to keep the timing system running. The Rev3 bike course should seem easy comparatively!!!

And Jen Petkovsek, who had been run-focussed in her build up for Hood to Coast, threw in a relay with her dad!


Further west, Bruce MacDonald hit up the Rev3 half with Rood and Anna Brown – Great day of racing and seeing teammates and families in Sandusky. Did the relay with anna and rood. Had a decent swim, they buoys looked really far away from the shore. Settled in to a nice easy stroke, and did my longest swim in 4 years. Anna rocked the bike, and Rood had a great run ( his second of the day). Got to get out and ride around the course with Nicole Henely, she was a super fan cheering aaron on in his great performance, and were accompanied by Jocelyn while she ran a bunch of miles. Great to see Mike tough it out for his first half. Jim and Andrea were the couple of the day, and Stern had a great showing as always. Lots of team support out there, Marty, Anne, Timmy, Jenn P!


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