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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Schaeffer tackles the (winter) Left Turn Circuit

SSSMST’s own Dr. Mike Schaeffer shucked his XC gear and headed down to Clear Fork Resort for some racing in less-than-ideal weather for skiing.  Weather factored into a very shortened course and enduro format (laps/hour).  But Mike dun good and won the event!

Dr. Mike, hunting down his rivals (retro pic - we'll take his word that he sported more contemporary attire)

Dr. Mike, hunting down his rivals (retro pic – we’ll take his word that he sported more contemporary attire)











This XC ski race was at the base of the Clearfork downhill area on what was left of their man-made snow.  They used a very interesting “enduro” format:  The skiier with most laps in 1 hour wins.  It was perfect for a No-Snow-Anywhere weekend, and fun to race again!!   It was really ICY, and the course was shortened from 1K to 0.5K – just a short loop running diagonally up the main downhill slope, around a 180 deg turn, then a screaming fast downhill to another hairpin turn on the opposite side. The elevation gain was only about 50 feet per lap but the laps went by quickly, and I had to scrub a lot of momentum on each turn!  It was basically like doing repeat hill intervals for an hour straight without rest, surrounded by competition and nearby spectators; so it was GREAT for fitness!!  I logged a race-winning 22K (44 hillclimbs!) and managed not to get dizzy or fall down.  I saw some nasty wipe-outs, and we all got great practice in ski-handling — the turns were kinda tricky and and the course was off-camber in many sections!!  It was still much more fun than swimming endless laps or riding the bike trainer though!  And talk about your quad and tricep burn-  YOWWIEEE!!!   Believe me, you all should get out and do this!!  It really turned out to be a fun and sociable event, with lots of chit-chat and encouragement as we passed each other on the course!!  It sounds like we’ll do this formant again next year, especially  if the weather continues to suck.  A HUGE thanks to Clearfork Ski Resort (new ownership) for opening the ski area to XC skiing every Weds and Sunday AM all winter!!
There were some some pictures on Ray Huang’s FB page, but no good ones of me, and I had to take off my team vest as I totally overheated despite the 20deg temp!!   I attached a better old pic here.  I promise I wore team gear before and after the real race though!
 Congrats and great job!

Congrats and great job!

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  1. That kit made him faster! Nice work!

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