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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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13th Annual Hinckley Buzzard Duathlon

OK, it’s the 13th under current director Rick Cadwell’s NCN Racing moniker, but this race goes back to at least the mid 1990’s.  Lads like Marty and yours truly will remember some of those.  That being said, a group of SSSMST members were out in sunny, but cold conditions to race multisport’s season opener at the Buzzard Du -arguably, one of the toughest parcours around!

The team’s reports follow…

Timmy Smiles:

Initially it was nice to see my teammates in a race setting versus the social setting we’ve been gathering regularly for over the winter, however by about the fourth or fifth lap of the bike I was longing for the days of old. Hinckley had it’s way with me, reminding me that treadmill and trainer only workouts don’t suffice. That said, the day turned plenty nice as I was greeted by my wife and child at the finish and the post-race Bob Evans with racing peeps made the world right again.

Anna Brown:

Another fun race in Hinckley. After doing RATL the day before I thought my legs would be shot but they felt surprisingly fresh. Took it easy on the run then tried to pick off as many people as possible on the bike. Pretty happy with the result. Thanks to Brandy for spending her Sunday registering people, handing out waters, then giving out awards!

Anna cranking on the only flat 200 yards at Hinckley

Anna cranking on the only flat 200 yards at Hinckley

Anna also doubled up on the weekend and raced a bike race at the Race at The Lakes (RATL):

Need to keep showing up to these races until I can figure out how to not let gaps open up. Rode the entire race solo in no man’s land but managed to hold off a couple of women until the end. I didn’t lose!

Patrick K:

Felt good to be racing again. Solid first 3 mile run, the bike was a little slower than last year. Marty blew past me at the start of my 3rd lap …he looked very strong. I got stopped behind some cars on the State Rd uphill, other than that pretty smooth race.


Wonderful seeing Hinckley again to start my multisport season. There’s something about pre-race fretting what little clothes to wear when it’s 40 degrees–but, then again, the sun was nice! No BS. It was COLD.
Seems the race went well for all of my teammates. I remembered to put my aero helmet on the right way(always a plus).

Brian Stern:

Cold, Did I say Cold. Good hard race simulation. I was never in a grove but like everyone was COLD! Great job by all.


Quite chilly, not sure if that is what kept the masses from doing this race, but for the first time in a long time, the bike course was not ridiculously congested.
Coming off of a 5 hour brick workout the day before in the freezing cold and snow/sleet – at the same locale, my legs were pretty much toast from the start. Planned on taking the first run easy and seeing how I could push the bike and second 5k. Seeing as I only have one gear right now, there wasn’t much to push. The legs only had so much stretch to them and although I felt like I was climbing well on the bike, I didn’t feel all that fast. Second run was more like a shuffle, but got through it and was good to try and get a little speed work in amidst my mountain-goating.

Anne Callahan:

Brisk morning in Hinckley! I think this was the least attended Buzzard Race I have seen in awhile. 5 women did the du. WOW! The numbers were off for some chilly reason…though I can remember racing in worse weather and in better shape….Oh Hinckley how you remind me of what I did not do in the off season!! Thanks to Spin, my bike rode quiet, smooth and tight. In short, I have work to do and I am glad I raced!

(ED -it was cold, but at least it wasn’t sleeting out there like the day before!)


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