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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Weekend Racing Frenzy

Several SSSMST members were out and about this (half of a) fine weekend:

Scott Zubricky was in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois for the Illinois Marathon:

Ran this half marathon for training and a great excuse to hang with my daughter for a weekend. She has run the 10k 3 years now and won the womens race 3 times. My race went well, I ran as hard as my training would let me. The last 2 miles were hard, I wanted to quit once or twice. I kept telling myself that I would be hurting more in 3 weeks. I was able to push thru and finish well. Count down to Zofingen starts!

Will Scott really be hurting more in 3 weeeks?  You betcha!

Anna Brown took another crack at the RATL criterium series:

Had be in Euclid for an afternoon wedding so Josh and I rode in the first race (citizen/cat 5), where, unlike last week, no one called me “brother” as I was racing….I felt much stronger than last week, probably because it was warmer and not very windy. Ended up finishing before 4 of the guys, and even outsprinted someone in the last ten yards! Next week I’ll be back in the women’s field, and hopefully be feeling just as strong.

And Katie Shaw spent the morning down at Edgewater Park setting a new PR at the Cleveland 10-miler!

Not my best race but a good training opportunity to try to run fast on tired legs. I logged a lot of training miles this week and felt the lack of rest early on. Knew it was going to be tough when I was barely holding under 8:00 pace in the first few miles. By mile 5 my quads were cooked and I felt like I was shuffling. Made it my mission to just hold on to an average 8:00 pace and hit it right on, coming in at 1:20. Beautiful morning for a run and lots of happy runners on the streets. Always enjoy this race.

Congrats to all and great job!


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