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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Liquid Lifestyles Swim Clinic, Part Deux

Last weekend a number of SSSMST team members took part in a Liquid Lifestyles Swim Clinic at the North Olmsted Recreation Center.  Video analysis of everyone’s stroke was done, followed by an hour long classroom breakdown of what mechanics need to be tweaked.  Lots of useful info to put to use in the water the next few months!

 A second clinic is scheduled for Saturday, June 1 from 12:00-1:30pm at the North Olmsted Rec Center. (see course description below).  Anyone is welcome to participate for $40 – feel free to spread the word!!  Interested parties please RSVP to Anne Callahan (annecallahan@kw.com).

 CLINIC 2 – FREESTYLE EFFICIENCY/SPEED: 1.5 hrs – You will be in the water the entire time working on developing the skills and knowledge to become a more efficient swimmer – reducing drag, creating more propulsion and understanding the key principles of BALANCE, LENGTH, ROTATION and TIMING. I will be giving you lots of drills, focal points and individual critique to optimize your swimming performance. If you were at the Underwater Video Clinic this will be a PERFECT opportunity to work on those details we pointed out in your videos!!


Also, consider joining us for our “Super Saturdays” throughout the summer: 7:30-8:15 DRYLAND / 8:15-9:30 SWIM / 9:45-11:00 BIKE (weather dependent)

T3 Performance will lead a DryLand Training session designed specifically for endurance athletes consisting of full body functional and swim specific movements to enhance strength and coordination techniques ($5 drop-in). Masters swim starts at 8:15. Following the swim, the Cleveland Triathlon Club will be leading an E-Z, no-drop, 16 mile bike ride departing from the North Olmsted parking lot (no charge).


For specific questions about the clinic you can contact Leah @ 440.935.1097

Happy Laps!


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