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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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HUGE Weekend of Racing – Wrap Up

Jen on the run

SSSMST was everywhere this weekend!!

We helped at the Hyland Software Hy-5, raced the grueling Triple-T, and had a bunch of folks at the gorgeous Cleveland Marathon!  Read on to hear more about our weekend and see why Jen Petkovsek had her game face on.

Check back later this week for EVEN MORE great action shots and reportage from the legendary American Zofingen.

Let’s start with the Hyland Software (shameless sponsor plug) Hy-5, 5k running race in Westlake where our gang led the masses with pacing efforts….

Our string of race reports starts with the runners that paced 7, 8, 9, and 10 min/mile groups at Hy-5.


Katie & Bruce...kickin' asphalt

Katie & Bruce…kickin’ asphalt

I really love this race. The atmosphere that Hyland creates is fabulous. The amount of families that turn out, coupled with the live music makes for a great environment. Plus……..the FOOD….I seriously felt like I was at a wedding. As for the race…..Marty and I paced the 7 minute mile group. We were a bit slow the first mile but made it up and finished on time. I really enjoyed myself and would gladly do it again!


Paced the 9 minute mile group with Katie this weekend. Amazing what a great turn out this race gets, and for a 5k, probably one of the best run events around. They treat this thing better than most marathons. From pace groups to the amazing ost race food, this is an excellent event, for a great cause. Great to see the teammates out there, and had a fun but windy 36 miles on the bike with Katie after the race.


Had a blast pacing the 8 min group with fellow teammate, Aaron Rood and the Rood Boys (Aaron’s sons Jackson and Noah)! This was my first time at the Hy-5 and won’t be my last. What a great race! Quite possibly the best 5K I have been to. Well organized with entertainment, great after race food and a nice flat fast course. And, it couldn’t benefit a better place, MetroHealth. Plus it was great to see so much green and blue there. Looking forward to it next year.


I volunteered! It was a beautiful morning for a race and a perfect family friendly event. After handing out bags at the registration with Susan, we watched our team pace runners to their desired finish times. Everyone did great, and we enjoyed some post-race catching up before calling it a day. And shout out to Susan who celebrated her one year anniversary – starting out her day with us!!

Now we go to Southern Ohio for the stage race of triathlon, American Triple T, where Jen Petkovsek put some major hay in the barn for the summer!

Jen on the run and "loving it" at Triple T

Jen on the run and “loving it” at Triple T

Last year I completed my first Triple T and did it “just to finish.” This year I went back and wanted to push it a bit. Friday’s race is at 5pm and is a super sprint-27 min of swim, bike, run fun! A good way to shake things out after the 4 hour drive down to Shawnee State park. Saturday starts at 730am with an olympic distance. Then 3pm is another olympic distance tri but the order is bike, swim, run just to mix it up a bit! Both my races Saturday went very well. In the morning race I went about 17 min faster than last year and the afternoon race about 26 min faster. I felt strong and great! However come Sunday morning I was feeling like a cold was coming on and of course a bit sore and tired. Of course I tried to focus on the task at hand-a half-ironman race in which the 56 mile bike course has over 4000ft of climbing. By about mile 45 I was over the bike. It got warm and I felt it on the run. There was a brief shower of reprieve but then it seemed to only get warmer. I fought through to finish perhaps a smidge faster than last year’s half which was a bit disappointing. However, overall it was a great weekend. Many Cleveland Triathlon folks were down there which offered great encouragement and support on the course! It is always amazing to me to see the phenomenal athletes at this race.

And back to Cleveland for Sunday’s RiteAid Cleveland Marathon…

Mike Schaefer:

This was a solid finish for me, especially considering my “month off” in March and no speed work yet. This was probably my 4th best 10K ever but I don’t run many… I started very slowly (7:45) but ran nice even sub-7 miles from 2 thru 6. My knee (and the rest of me) feels great, so I’m ready to shoot for some triathlon PRs this summer! It’s time to hit the track!

It was a great day downtown, but I was quite busy in the medical tent all morning and into the afternoon – LOTS of heat stroke going around, at all skill levels — Even one guy we dragged out of the beer garden who was totally overheated! He had the right idea, just the wrong beverage.. Sorry I missed the rest of you at the finish. (But glad I didn’t see you – lets keep it that way!).

Patrick K:

Great choice only doing the half! It was overcast for the half & then hot for the souls running the full mary. I saw a friend from college in my starting corral, so we ran together for the fist 9 miles. Good to see so many friends out on the course & a lot of SSSMST out there too (rood, murphy, susan, tim).
I hung around to watch some friends finish the full. I was glad to run Kostura in. He didnt have the race he wanted, but he was still very strong at the end. Congrats!


My mom signed me up for this race as a christmas gift so we could walk it together. While it was humbling to get through the first 5k with an hour already on the clock, it was nice to actually view the scenery and take note of our surroundings. At 22 weeks pregnant I had to stop 3 times on the course for potty breaks, but other than that it was a smooth race. Congrats go out to the runners, as it was a hot day and definitely not the weather we all trained in! And thanks to Rood and Murphy for hanging out at the 9 mile marker to see the walkers pass by – it was a nice treat to see some cheering “fans” as we walked the course.
Whew!  Congrats to everyone!  We’ll be back tomorrow – ooooh yes, there’s more! – with a few more reports from those travelling and hopefully more pics!


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