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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Maumee Bay Triathlon

The Spin/Second Sole Multisport Team, well represented at Maumee!

The Spin/Second Sole Multisport Team, well represented at Maumee!

Shannon Kurek’s Health & Fitness Promotions crew brings what is traditionally known as the summer racing season’s first multisport races to Maumee Bay State Park just east of Toledo.   A big crew of SSSMST’ers avoided the early morning thunderstorms for a great day of racing  (and of course. post race libations at a certain establishment in Sandusky).

Mike Schaefer:

Great team showing and a excellent “Schaefer” showing as my sister PR’d by 3min and won the Athena division (She threw shot/disc and U of Wisconsin). I ran a PR in the sprint by almost a minute despite a windy bike course -got extra motivation as I held off Mark Durno in a fast run with a painfully long kick. Good time at margaritaville after. This one is turning into a nice tradition!

Patrick K:

I was worried the thunderstorms would keep this race from happening, but they passed overnight and it ended up being a great morning. Comfortable swim, windy bike ride, and a decent run. It was great having my son there in his SSSMST kit – great fathers day encouragement for me & Erin (she did the spint). Tons of teammates out there good to see everyone sporting the green & blue…and also great to see Kim, MJ the pregnant SSSMST ladies (Brandy & Bridget) in the blue & green too!

Katie Shaw:

I have a mentor who advises to celebrate the successes before diving into an analysis of everything that went wrong. It’s good advice, especially because I get stuck sometimes thinking about what went wrong and totally ignore the things that went well. So here we go – successes for the day:

I woke up at 4 am (a feat in itself for me), made the drive out to Maumee, pushed hard during the race and had a fun day with teammates and other area athletes.
SSSMST had an awesome presence during the race! Lots of green and blue on the course and some really impressive performances.
Despite a very windy and difficult bike leg, I LOVE my new bike. Thanks Spin!
I took first in my age group!

All that being said, I was disappointed in my time. Just a reminder that I need to keep building my training – especially on the bike. Overall, still a very fun day! Great to see so many people out cheering and racing!

Lori looking fierce pre-race!

Lori looking fierce pre-race!


It was an interesting day of racing – an early morning thunderstorm swept through and made eveything a little windier and more humid. Everyone I saw racing looked strong, but the overall feeling for the day seemed to be ‘eh’. I should be happier that I was able to run because of my back injury, but I was feeling ‘eh’ as well. I think the best part of the day was stopping at Margaritaville on the way home. Overall it was a really fun day. The multi-sport season really feels like it’s in full swing now!

Jen P (on a mission for yet another PR!):

I had high hopes for this race which included a PR. I fell 45 seconds short of last year’s time. Considering the windy conditions this year I am happy with the race. I felt like I was swimming well but definitely got off course as some others did-I think due to the wind even though it is an inland lake. The bike was challenging with the wind but I still keep trying to push it and I had a strong, fantastic run! It was a super fun day with so many teammates and CTC friends out there cheering everyone on. And a trip to Margaritaville made the day complete!

Tim Walsh, motors by wife Kim and baby Morgan (someone tell me last time the athletes weren't baking where this pic was taken!!)

Tim Walsh, motors by wife Kim and baby Morgan (someone tell me last time the athletes weren’t baking where this pic was taken!!)

Tim Walsh:

What a great way to kick off my first Father’s Day! The Walsh Clan spent the AM at Maumee State Park for my first triathlon of the year. It was way fun, but there is a price to pay for way fun and it came in the form of one loooong swim, one pesistent head and cross wind, and one taxing run off the bike. In the end it was a small price to pay as the race “got done” and the many SSSMST teammates and CTC clubmates present were in great form both on and off the course. I’d say the first of many Father’s Day celebrations set the bar high for future Dad Days.

Brian Kostura:

This course has for so many years been my nemesis…I can never navigate the swim properly, the bike seems to always be into the wind, and the run is hot. Well, this year was not exception, but much to my surprise, I manage to sneak in a PR! I’ll take it!

The race overall was a blast racing with everyone. It seemed like everywhere I turned, there were SSSMST fans and Teammates around! Murphy sure showed what he’s made, gutting it out with back spasms and finding the finish line! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention…boy did we look fast in our new kits!



Late arrival from Murphy:

The night before the race Jen and I went to the CTC Summer picnic at the state park. It was nice to get to socialize with other CTCers and have a friendly game of cornhole with Ryan and Brandy (they won BTW but we want a rematch). All in all a really nice way to spend a Saturday night.

As for raceday. Let’s just say it was a bad race day and leave it at that. Otherwise, it was a tremendous day getting to spend it with some awesome teammates and friends. It is really nice to see so much green and blue out there on the course both racing and cheering! Along with the rest of the Cleveland tri community. A special shoutout goes to Tim for saving my race by working on my back before the gun went off. Everyone looked great out there and congratulations to Jen and Brian who PR’d! Schaefer way to hold off Durno. I am looking forward to the next big team turn out which I think is Musselman in July. Oh and happy Father’s Day to Jim, Rood, Tim, PK, Marty, Andy, Nacho (we still have the best kits hands down), Schaefer, Henely, Wilse, Z., Bruce and last but certainly not least Bill and Greg.


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