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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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More post-Father’s Day Weekend racaps!!!

Adam Roark and Aaron Rood got with the two-wheeled crowd this past weekend, of different varieties, yet similar outcomes.

Adam taking on the road crew at the Rose Velo Crit in Wooster:

This race was crazy hard. It was either up or down the whole time and it didn’t help that it was raining too. It was fun to be able to bike race but I still think my true love is multisport.

Yes, Adam, that’s a crit for ya.

And Rood went muddin’ at the Royalview Mountain Bike Race in our own Cleveland Metroparks (if you haven’t been, check it out!):

Rood.  Post race, ready for you know what...!

Rood. Post race, ready for you know what…!

Ok, I am finally “fixing to get ready” for the Xterra Du at Rocky Gap in Mid July. I thought I would try my first MTB race at Royalview.
I showed up, with a borrowed bike. At check in, the gal asked me how my racing was going. I responded … I am a rookie. She laughed, and said “In that kit, yeah right you are a rookie”

I raced the beginner men’s division. Racers started every minute.
About 2 minutes into the race, the dude behind me had made up the time and sailed past me . NOTE: he was wearing Chuck Taylors, cut off dickies, cotton T-shirt and skate helmet.
Soon after he passed. I crashed. At the time of the crash I was going about 1 MPH and merely slid down the bank of greasy off camber turn. I managed to slide on my side about 5 five feet. Still clipped in. Any doubts about my ROOKIE status would have ended, watching me try to get up and back on the bike.

Not long later the guy that started 2 minutes behind me also zoomed by.

I had a lot of fun. I will be back. Xterra could be real interesting.


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