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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Syracuse 70.3 Half IM

SSSMST’s Lori Muller was in Syracuse this past weekend for the bake-fest known as a 70.3.  Tough day was reported by a number of attendees, but that didn’t stop Lori from trying!

Lori, looking relaxed before the carnage

Lori, looking relaxed before the carnage

That was hot. Really, really hot.
To follow on one of Katie’s previous race reports, let’s first focus on the positive 🙂
The swim was great – I felt strong and focused. The down side – the course was definitely long. My Garmin measured 1.52 miles.

I had my fastest ever recorded speed on my bike at 48.2 miles per hour! All those hills were a great wake-up call for IMWI. Plus I was able to battle through two mechanicals on the first half of the course to finish strong.


The lack of shadows belie the real conditions (unfortunately for Lori, her expression doesn't!)

The lack of shadows belie the real conditions (unfortunately for Lori, her expression doesn’t!)

The run? The best thing I have to say about the run is that I didn’t puke 🙂 There were A LOT of people puking. After one loop in the ‘real feel’ 92 degree heat along with stabbing back pain, I decided to make a beeline to the ice and flat surfaces that existed beyond the finish line… it was a tough decision to make, but this wasn’t my A race and I need to remember that IMWI is only 11 weeks away!

Mehul was *amazing* support throughout the entire weekend and we had a fantastic time in Syracuse. The people were almost as awesome as mid-westerners, but I should have known that since we weren’t far from Kim Sewell Walsh’s hometown 🙂 Next year I’m finding a cooler race to do… I hear that sometimes you have to use arm-warmers in July at the Vineman 70.3 – count me in!!


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