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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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River Road Mile

When was the last time you raced a 1 mile run? This weekend 2nd Sole is giving local runners the opportunity to ‘rev your engine’ on a flat, fast, certified 1 mile course. Gut check this 1 mile run from the start and see how much speed you still have in your legs. Join SSSMST as we will be out in full force on Sunday to take on this challenge. Today is the LAST day for registration so go here for details and the registration form and drop it off at 2nd Sole tonight.


River Road Mile


Check back early next week for 4th of July weekend events. Here’s what else is happening this week:


  • Women Who Run (Cleveland, OH)
  • Rainbow Run  (Gates Mills, OH)


  • River Road Mile (Rocky River, OH)
  • Brecksville Home Days (Brecksville, OH)
  • Little Helping Hands  (Parma Heights, OH)
  • Columbia Station Half Marathon (Columbia Station, OH)

Anything else going on?

Links to event websites are on our calendar or at Second Sole.

As always, keep abreast of upcoming races and SSSMST events with the calendar. Have a great weekend!


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