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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Vulture’s Knob Double Down

Bruce MacDonald hit the moutain bike race circuit down near Wooster in addition to frying his legs at the Rocky River Mile.  Let’s hear how his prep work for Xterra is going:

I have an xterra race coming up in a few weeks, what bettter way to get ready than a race at Vultures Knob. The Double Down is double the number of laps you usually ride there. For me, that’s 4 laps. Course was a little wet, but I got off to a decent start with 49 minutes on lap one, then a little more painful at 52 min on lap 2. Lap 3 I crashed, the wheels fell off, and last 2 laps were 58 minites and an hour. Frst race I’ve done where I think my arm being exhausted actuall slowed me down. Tme to hit the weights.
John Willse with a great showing in 3 hours.

Sounds painful!  Awesome job!


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