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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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River Road Mile

The Spin Second Sole Multisport Team competed nearly in it’s entirety this past Sunday at the Inagural River Road Mile in Rocky River, which was hosted by our team title co-sponsor Second Sole!   Second Sole alum Tim Budic took the overall title in 4:42 at this point to point all out drag race, and I think everyone would agree that this is going to become a must-do event, as well as a great way to set new PR’s, as it grows! Here’s a smattering of race reports from a few in attendance:

Katie getting some encouragement from her running partner!

Katie getting some encouragement from her running partner!

Katie Shaw:

Thanks to 2nd Sole for putting on this fun race! I hope to see this one continue and grow. I haven’t run 1 mile hard since last summer so I had no idea what to expect other than it was probably going to hurt. It did indeed hurt. It took at least 1/3 mile before I found any rhythm in my stride and then I just held on as best I could to the end. Came in at 6:40 and enjoyed the post race cool down with the team.


The run was awesome and fun to do. We had such a strong showing and everyone seemed spent and happy to be able to run. It was a cool event to be able to do and I loved running on Hilliard.

Andy beating Nacho

Andy beating Nacho

Tim Walsh:

Sweet event! It’s one of those races that you dread beforehand but are gitty about afterwards….and for good reason. There are definite periods of panic during the course of this one mile “red lining” race but the finish line comes just in the nick of time and your workouts done for the day. I’ll be back.

Mike Schaefer:

Nice job everyone. I see this becoming an annual event (if Bill is willing). Let’s talk it up next year!

Jen P:

Well a one mile “Rev your engine” running race didn’t exactly fit in with Ironman training but we made it work! It was a great morning to see many teammates and run a one mile running race. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before! A great idea- put on by Second Sole Rocky River-so be sure to check it out in the future!

Scott and Bruce hurting themselves

Scott and Bruce hurting themselves


If there was a race that I thought i might be able to catch Z, this was it. Unforttunately, it wasn’t. Went out really fast, pumped the breaks at the 1/4 mile when rood told me our pace. Considered dropping put at the 1/2 mile mark, suffered thrpught the 3rd quarter, and was just happy to be almost done for teh last 440. Great seeing everyone. Thanks Bill!

Anna Brown:

What a turnout from SSSMST! Gut checking a mile is harder than I thought! Made the mistake of starting the race with Katie Shaw, who is waaay faster than I am, but I thought, “hey its just a mile, I can hang.” I could not. 1/4 mile in she left me in the dust. Even though I was the slowest SSSMSTer, I DID come within 2 seconds of my mile time guess…Thanks to Bill and 2nd Sole for putting on this fun race! And the shirts were awesome! Unrelated, I won my tennis match later that day. Between the two events, my quads are screaming today.


That was fun. I was happy to hold off the Grafton charge. Jen P ran great and dusted Murphy.

SSSMST Rockin' River!

SSSMST Rockin’ River!


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