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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Independence Day Blast!

A number of SSSMST’ers hit the road in Bay Village for the flat, fast and always hot Bay Days 5-Miler.

Jen P:

Good start to the 4th of July by riding from home in Avon to Bay Days, putting in a hard effort that went better and felt better than expected and rode home! Fun race as always seeing several team members as well as a great showing by the tri club!


Bay Days is a 4th of July tradition but it is also one of those love/hate races too. I love to see all my friends and teammates and run on the 4th but it is always hot and humid on that patch of Ohio real estate. This year wasn’t as hot but man was it humid! As the gun went off or whatever they did to start the race (I just noticed the people in front start running so I did) I felt pretty good and settled into what I thought was a good pace considering my IMMOO training and the impending Musselman half iron the following week. Then it happened. I noticed Jen, my girlfriend and IM training partner up in front of me and pulling away and thought where’d she find those legs and why isn’t she sharing with me?! Great! It’s the River Road Mile all over again and I can hear Rood’s voice in the back of my mind (and worse yet, his race report) talking about how Jen dusted me again. I pass mile 2 and think, maintain this pace and at mile 3 start to pick it up and at least negative split this thing, Mile 3, time to pick it up! Where’d my speed go? I swore I had it here a minute ago. Nope, must have left it at home or something. Time to just git r done and put this one in the books. Aww, man Rood is going to light me up on this one! But wait! There is hope after all and her name is Jocelyn Rood! Yep, now Aaron gets a taste of the Chicked pie I have been getting a steady diet of. Here’s a knife and fork, buddy dig in. Footnote: Jocelyn won the Womens’ race BTW.

So happy to be at the finish!

So happy to be at the finish!


Bay Days 5 miler is becoming a tradition for me. It’s always hot and humid but the popsicles and the company before and after the race make it worth waking up early on the 4th. I started too far back from the starting line and got trapped with a slow first mile. Cruised through the middle miles until the last mile when I got a cramp in my hamstring and felt like I was on the verge of injury if I kept pushing. So I just held a steady pace to the end. It hurt to watch people pass by at the finish, but eyes on the prize – IM Wisconsin is coming soon! As always it was great to see a lot of familiar faces at the finish and swap stories about the race, training and 4th of July plans 🙂


This race is a favorite of mine and has become a tradition. I love running through the streets of Bay Village. The post race popsicles are the best. This race is guranteeed to be HOT and HUMID.
I was sad not to see the Krollahans’ cruising on their tandem.  (Ed: thats because we were our on our roadies, hammering)

Race went like this. I didn’t have much of a plan, and even less expectations. Just before the mile mark, I joined Joc. She clearly had a plan and a mission. We ran together until just before mile 4. I did my best to run with her and help along. At mile 4 she took the lead and putting herself in a real dog fight for the win. At that point I was an unwelcome third party and I was more than happy to ease up. Joc ended up First Overall Female winnning by about 3 seconds. She ran awesome.
I finished up about 30 seconds later. Really hot. Humidity sucks. 

After the race I eat huge ” pizza omlet”, which is probably the highlight of the race for me.
Looking forward to next weekend’s Rocky GAP Xterra Race.
See you up the Road.

Great job all – especially the WAGS for chic’ing our guys!



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