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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Huntington Triathlon

A number of SSSMST’s finest were out at Huntington (again) for the usual installment of the NCN Huntington tri.  It was almost deja vu all over again.

Bruce MacDonald:

Great to see everyone out at Huntington Beach as always. After last weekends antics, thought a team relay would be the best way to participate in the race. Hearing that Adam had put a stellar team togother, thought we would make it interesteing. Great swim by Joe, bike by Dr. Hump….the Roark, Wookie, Deiter team had a great showing as well, and now we have an excuse to grab a couple of beers.
Had to bolt out right away..cngrats to everyone on whatever they did.

Brian Stern:

Raced hard and was beaten by some faster guys. Felt good to push the body and enjoyed the team company.

Tim Walsh:

It’s always a pleasure to race when you’re being cheered at every corner and that certainly seemed to be the case yesterday. With plenty of green & blue uni’s racing and plenty of green & blue supporter’s cheering, the atmosphere was friendly and motivating. I’ve got to figure out how to start the swim leg but otherwise it was a fine race, short of being passed like I was on a trainer by Tom and Brian. Special thanks to Adam for assisting me in righting the bike rack and all it’s bikes that I took out in T2, and to the man up stairs for getting me through some of those bike course intersections.


I enjoyed doing this race as a relay because the team sponsors were putting the race on. It’s always good to support not only them, but everyone racing and let them know that we race all the time too.


Great job by all!!!


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