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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Weekend Race (and Tour) Wrap Up

SSSMST dudes and dudettes were out and about this past weekend at a number of various events!  Let’s hear how things went…..

Brian Stern, seemingly on a Scott Zubricky-like race-every-weekend tear, tore up the Giant Eagle Triathlon in Columbus:

My first PR in over a year (OLY 2:02:32). Fast tough course. Funny thing happened in the swim, my timing chip slipped off and I caught it with my feet and hand, stuffed it in my wetsuit and put it back on in T1. Next up is Steelhead 70.3 with Joe Bush. Hope for another PR.

Next, Adam had a crack at the Sweet Corn Challenge Bike Tour down in Summit County:

This ride is definitely a challenge. any time you need to climb 6000+ feet in 100 miles makes anyone twinge. I enjoyed the challenge but don’t know if i want to climb that much again.

And Leah Halloran zipped around the Metroparks Zoo – and WON – the Wigs for Kids 5k!

The Mom's & Kids

The Mom’s & Kids

Rita, my mom and I met the Davila and Cornwell clan at the zoo for the Wigs for Kids 5k. It’s funny….I used to want to get to races early so I would have time to warm up and get prepared. Now, I’m just happy to make it to the start on time. I got my number with about 5 mins before the start of the race, warmed up a few minutes and was off! It was probably the first running race I have ever done and not warmed up. To my surprise, it went well! I really enjoyed the race….we went up and down all the hills in the zoo, saw the animals while we were running and got to run on the observation decks. The best parts were dressing up the kiddos like animals, walking through the rain forest and watching people getting their hair cut to donate for wigs.

Our Champion!

Our Champion!

Kids_Wigs 5k

The next generation sporting some not-so-aero skinsuits!


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