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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Weekend Race Wrap

OK kids – TONS of stuff to get caught up on today.
We start with the Fairport Harbor Triathlon, where Joe Bush plied his trade:

I hadn’t done Fairport in years but what a great race! They have really improved the experience and it continues to have a nice mix of quality competitors and novices excited to complete their first race. My race went well as I was 2nd out of the water. The bike was flat and windy, but my bike training paid off a bit. I hadn’t run in a month and still didn’t torch the course, but was happy to see the 3.28 mile loop reversed so the last 3miles were slightly downhill. Overall a great experience.

Scott Zurbicky was back at it at the Life Banc Gift of Life 10K:

As you all know this race is very important to me. It usually follows the Twilight 8k . This year it didn’t. Blossom is a great venue for a race, the 10k is a double loop inside the park. It is not flat anywhere, your either going up or coming down. I say its one of the hardest 10k in the area. Life Banc is a great thing and the race is a tribute to the many donors and recipients. I am a donor and I would hope all would be, if your not I ask that you would sincerely think about becoming one.

Aaron Henely and Mike Shaefer stayed “home” this weekend doing both the Our Lady Queen of Peace 5k AND the Findley Lake Triathlon where the both cleaned up on some hardware.

Dr Mike’s 5k report:

I took it easy and used this as a warmup for Findley Tri on Sunday. Besides being so close to home, the course was beautiful. About 70% was on the hiking trails at Indian Hollow Metropark. Henely made a late entry when Nicole backed out at the last minute. He ran a very impressive 2nd OA – 18:37 on a hard course, despite haveing run 7.5 mile workout already that same morning!!

Aaron on the 5k:

Nice hometown course. Medals had the virgin Mary on em..Sweet!

And Mike on his 2nd OA at the Findley Lake Tri:

There was s small turnout but a podium finish is a podium finish! I had a great swim, so I started the bike right behind the leader. By mid-point of the ride I’d hammered out a nice lead, and there was no one in sight. I thought I’d need a 3min lead on Pete Finnerty based on last year’s run splits, so I pushed hard all the way into T2 – riding just 20sec slower than my PR bike split for the course. I was really happy with this, considering that I had no one to chase… Henely had let me borrow his new ZIPPs, and they felt pretty fast! (So, there may be a wheel purchase in my future…!)

The trail run was pretty muddy due to overnight rain. I felt like I was running well, but Pete ran me down just before the 2 mi mark. He must have been really flying! Then, just after losing sight of him, I slipped and fell and got really muddy – Ugh – total momentum killer!! But it was still a blast, and I’ll take a 2nd OA anyday! I nearly ran a PR despite the mud, so my fitness for the rest of the season is looking good! If you like a trail run (and short swim), you’ve gotta try this one!

Excellent job by all!!!


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