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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Put-in-Bay/Steelhead Tri Racing

This past weekend Brian Stern and Mello’ Joe Bush trapsed across the line to the state up north for the 70.3 Steelhead Triathlon.  Brain’s race didn’t quite come together on the bike (of course he has been racing every weekend in preparation for the upcoming school year), and Joe was, um, mellow:

Great traveling with Joe, such a laid back guy even if things go wrong. The swim was fun in the sense you had to work really hard to get nowhere. My bike was a bit disappointing but I made up for it with 1:22:10 half marathon to finish second in AG 45-49 and a solid 4:36:29. Did I mention how mellow Joe was when he forgot his goggles and swim cap?

And Anna Brown and husband Josh found a race breaking out among the bachelor and bachelorette parties in the Lake Erie Islands at the Put-in-Bay Triathlon.  Mmmmmmm, that stale air coming from Frosty’s or the Roundhouse?

My husband has family up on Put-in-Bay and after years of going up there to visit, someone finally thought to have a triathlon. Being it’s inaugural year, there were bound to be some kinks. Most of he race was spent avoiding car and golf cart traffic. And trying to figure out where the actual race course was, because no one seemed to know exactly. In a very Tour de France-esque “tack-gate” there was gravel sprinkled in the apex of every turn. Despite the logistic troubles (and us being wildly under prepared), Josh and I both had great races. Josh won the race! By over 10 minutes! And I managed to sandwich two decent enough runs around a great bike split to get second overall in the duathlon! I’m chalking our results up to the night before brownies and beers with the family.

Anna at the Finish Line!

Anna at the Finish Line!

Anna - looking for the turn!!

Anna – looking for the turn!!

Anna's husband Josh breaks the finish line tape!

Anna’s husband Josh breaks the finish line tape!
























Great job everyone!!!


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