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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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The “Playing More Catch Up” post

We continue our posts involving SSSMST members racing far and wide with some various posts from running race and a triathlon (whooo, that’s early for these parts!).

A number of us ran at the Blossom Time run in Chagrin Falls last weekend:

Brian Kostura:

Beautiful day for some racing. I really enjoyed pushing my daughter through her first official race…she slept through the first 5 miles, to then wake up for the last quarter mile, clapping along with the crowd!
Good showing by the blue and green once again!


Despite being around for 30-odd years, I’d never done this race! Great crowd support, undulating race course to keep you honest. Race got a bit warm in a few sections where there was no shade, but luckily there were several sections that were. Having nursed a blown hammy for a month and preparing by not running, I just wanted to go out, run without pain or soreness and have fun. Mission accomplished. The course was really a lot of fun, and was actually pretty tight, so there were always people around (either crowd support or other runners). Legs have been shelled the few days after but was happy to get out there and just run.


Beautiful day, great ride out there, great race and lots of SSSMST peeps!


Patrick at the Race for the Place in Beachwood:

This was an amazing morning for a great race and a great cause. The Race for the Place benefits the Gathering Place and the 5k & 1 mile brought in over 4 thousand entrants. Amazing. Obviously the cause touches close to home. I haven’t raced in a long time, so it was good to put a little pain back in the legs and have a good result. Even better to be racing with Erin and have the kids and grandma along to cheer. Katie & Joe were out supporting the cause too. Nice work & good times. Pretty flat course and lots of family entertainment, I recommend adding this to your race list next year!

Others went to do various multisport events……

Stern was down at Rev3 Knoxville:  Hilly but not raining or cold like last year. Solid race.

Then he was at Clay’s Park Tri, along with Scheafer and Henely:  Good group of racers at Clays Park. Just missed third place overall by 2 seconds and Aaron almost caught me (12 seconds).

Scheafer:  Results are posted. I had dead legs today. Lost 2min to the Stern and Henely on the bike which isn’t typical. Still recovering from the Rite Aid 10K PR I guess, but the race was great – nice course and well run. Can’t beat it for $50

We also had a contingent at the Hy-5, Westlake 5k presented by Hyland Software (one of our sponsors!)….

Brian Kostura: Awesome turnout by the blue and green! We had 15+ team members onsite volunteering, cheering, and racing. The event brought in 915 participants, and raised $25,000 for Metro Health! Such an awesome event, and the rain even held off just long enough to keep the participants dry.

Special Thanks to Second Sole for donating Gift Cards and coolers full of Nuun.


Anna Brown: Third year pacing the 10 min/mile group, love it! Lots of race/running newbies. Hopefully I was able to get some of the first timers in under their goal times. I know I motivated at least two women who told me they almost kept up with the pace but would be back next year to beat me to the line. They called me the “10 min/mile lady” and I think I am ok with that.

Timmy Walsh: What a great event, I loved it! Morgan and I joined Brian & Carolynn and Jackie Czarnota pacing the 9 min runners and had a blast; we were joined at mile 2 by a 9 year old who took over the pacing until he finished with a mad kick, oh to be young again 😉 Thank you Hyland for putting this event on; I see first hand those that benefit from the proceeds down at MetroHealth.

Another running race preceded by a ride.  Rood took on the Akron Rubber Ducks 5k: This was Awesome!. I left Rocky River at 6:15am with a bike escort from Brandy, Ryan and Marty. Thanks for that. 50 Miles later Marty and I rolled into Downtown Akron and the Start Line of the First Ever – Akron Rubber Ducks 5k.
Note: Coffee is hard to find in Akron on Sunday Morning.
The 5k was a cool course that looped the Rubber Ducks stadium and grabbed some miles on the downtown Akron Towpath.
Like a complete knucklehead, I ran the first 60 seconds of this race like that was as far as I needed to run. I went through the mile a squeak under 6:00 minutes ( well, Jocelyn’s GPS said~5:42). And boy was I hurting.
Jocelyn passed me just after the mile- on her way to finish as First Overall Female. She got to throw out the first pitch for winning the race.
Prizes were bats and balls used by Rubber Duck Players. My kids got play catch on the field before the game.
Really Cool. Must do race.




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