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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Island Lake Tri….for the WIN!

We’re still playing catch up here in the interwebs.

New SSSMST’er Jeanne DeBonis trekked to that state up north to partake in the Olympic Distance version of the Island Lake Triathlon. Jeanne’s been immersed in volume, building up to her Ironman next month in Coeur d’Alene.  You can guess what happens next…..

This was my first triathlon of 2014, my first since London in September 2013. and the first since I’ve almost fully recovered from a major hamstring tendon injury (that took 1.5 years of rehab). I chose this particular race because it was close to home on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and I needed to get in two more days of long training. As luck would have it, the weekend weather was perfect, and the race took place in a very scenic location – Island Lake Recreation Area in Brighton, Michigan.

I did the Olympic distance triathlon – there’s also a sprint – and all the legs are two loop courses. The bike course is mostly flat, slightly rolling, and the run course is hilly with some cross-country parts. And Although it was a “shakedown” race and I struggled to stay on course in the swim (swimming into the sun and being consumed by seaweed), I led from start to finish – it’s only the second time in my life that ever happened.

The only negative thing about this race is the lack of a USAT official. I got caught in a pack of drafters (all men) on the bike and one of them yelled at me for blocking him (after drafting off me), almost causing me to crash into another one who was passing on my right. I had a verbal outburst that went on for about a half mile – reading them all the riot act for drafting and called them all “cheaters.” I rode into T2 still ranting, but determined to chase them all down on the run – which I did. My run was slow and I wasn’t completely satisfied with my time, but it was hard to argue against a fun race with great weather and a nice course for a first tri of the year. And the awards were bottles of wine!

Jeanne, hauling ass on the run!

Jeanne, hauling ass on the run!

Pointing out drafting....(Aussie would be proud!)

Pointing out drafting….(Aussie would be proud!)

Winner, winner, wine for dinner (she chose red, noted by all the white still on the table behind)

Winner, winner, wine for dinner (she chose red, noted by all the white still on the table behind)









Awesome job Jeanne!



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