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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Lula 5k/5mi and Maumee Weekend

Over the last few weeks we’ve had some major goings-on and over the next post or two will be bringing the first phase of race season to a big crescendo!

First, we visit Rocky River, Ohio and the Lula 5k/5mi.  This race benefits Girls with Sole (http://www.girlswithsole.org) which offers free fitness and wellness programs to girls that are at-risk or have experienced any kind of abuse.  Girls with Sole was founded by friend of team Liz Ferro, and we encourage supporting their mission.  So, off to the races!

Offering a 5k and 5mile running race through the lakeshore residences of Beachcliff I, SSSMST was out in force for both races.  Lets hear from our 5k runners:

Jen P: As always a fun race -lots of friends and teammates and for a good cause! I was quite surprised I was able to run as well as I did considering the minimal training I’ve been doing lately. Thanks to one of our head sponsors Second Sole in RR for being a sponsor of this race.

Brandy: My streak of fast running continues post-baby. I planned on pushing the baby through the race, but my husband agreed at the last minute to keep him while I ran. So I pushed myself through the race and ended up with a PR! I was hoping I might win one of the coveted hand-painted trophies, but alas I was only 4th in my age group. A loss by 12 seconds!! But, a 26 second PR, 8.5 months post-baby? I’ll take it.

Krol: Still testing the legs……great little race.  Eased into the first mile, pushed the second mile, and backed off the third.  

And our 5-milers:

Rood: Great Race, Great Cause. Pouring down rain.

Patrick K: Great event, huge crowd. Good to see lots of Second Sole supporters out. I enjoyed the rain that started at mile one. I also appreciated the tow AROOD gave me from mile 4 to 5. He pulled a nice stunt to push me in the finish corral ahead of him. Good to be racing!

And lots of folks began their multisport season in earnest at HFP’s annual flatland-fest at Maumee Bay State Park:

Timmy Walsh: A fine way to kick of Father’s Day. Conditions were prime for a fast race day. Many of my teammates and clubmates delivered, me not so much, nonetheless I loved it. The cheering sections were deep, mainly made up of fellow multi-sport athletes of the kid version, who were a day removed from their Saturday races. How fun is that?

Rood: Another great race and another great weekend.
Rood Boys, My Dad and I camped out at Maumee State Park for the weekend.
On Saturday- Rood Boys and Luca Lamastra took on the 10 and under kids Duathlon. Man was that cool. It is so exciting to see kids racing their hearts out! One Proud dad.
Sunday was a perfect day for racing, a sprint at least. It was plenty warm to go any longer.

I had a good race. I ran well in the opening run.
The bike was interesting. I rode my brand new 2014 Spin Bike Shop Ridely XFire cycle cross bike (with slicks, of course). I thought at the time this was a good move— but man the winds of Maumee had me wishing I could “get more aero”. I may need to dust of the TT bike for the next race.
Second run- I was joined, and quickly passed by Henely. Dude ran a blazing 18:15 off the bike.
This was great weekend. The racing was great. It was great to share the road with SSMSMT legends like PK, Walsh and Brandy (check out Brandy’s bike split, btw). It was also fun to share some campfire stories with Team Henely and Team Lamastra.
I gotta add, camping and racing is just not the same with Kevin Krol.
I will be back at Maumee next year.

Patrick K: Awesome way to spend fathers day morning, back on the race course. Lots of teammates and family at the race, made it a great time. Apparently training really pays off (I really need to be swimming & biking more to get better results). Swim was a little rough since it was my first time in open water since this race last year. Bike was probably too comfortable. T2 was a bit hectic, I had to bunny hop a shoe as I was dismounting and I owe an apology to someone for stiff arming him in transition (in my defense, he never looked behind him before he turned his bike in to my run path – oops). Decent run. Great to be out there racing multisport again.

Brandy: This was my first multisport race post-baby, and so my first multisport race in just about two years. I dusted off the tri-bike a couple weeks ago and got on it 3 times before the race. After a short brick on the Wednesday leading up to the race, I told my husband, “I think I’m going to push it on Sunday.”
So, I pushed it, and went ahead and won that duathlon (1st female that is, 6th overall finisher)! I was in 3rd place after the first run, and passed the closest female on a road bike, and the next female on a mountain bike with slickers on. It felt a little unfair as I breezed past on my tri bike, but whatever! I’ll take the win! 🙂

Way to go team!!!!


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